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The Addictions Academy: 10 Similarities Between Junk Food and Drugs

DID YOU KNOW?  Sugar and cocaine have basically the same effects on our brain!


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In our Nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach (NCFAC)I course, we will explain the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships with food, how to spot a hidden eating disorder, what the difference between dieting and lifestyle choices are and how to deal with all of them as they present in your client. We address food addictions as both part of the addictive cycle and also independent of other addictions.

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Read along for more similarities below:

10 Similarities Between Sugar, Junk Food and Abusive Drugs

There are many ridiculous myths in nutrition.The idea that losing weight is all about calories and willpower is one of the worst.

The truth is… sugar and highly processed junk foods can be addictive, just like drugs.

Not only are the behavioral symptoms the same, but the biology also happens to agree.

Here are 10 disturbing similarities between sugar, junk food and abusive drugs.

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