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While this natural remedy would have been way more controversial a decade ago, Marijuana is becoming more acceptable for medical purposes. Marijuana is now prescribed for medical purposes in 19 states and is recreationally legal in 2. Anyone who’s used marijuana for opioid withdrawal will tell you – yes it can relieve MANY painful symptoms.

If doctors regularly prescribe marijuana to cancer patients and aids victims — what do you think it can do for your withdrawal pain?

Don’t take my word for it,

Amazingly the effects of cannabinoids can reduce or eliminate the majority of symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Cannabis can reduce anxiety and agitation, improve sleep and helps normalize the digestive tract.

For this reason cannabis has become a major player in the harm reduction aspect of treating addictions.” – Dr. Sean Bean M.D. www.mrsocal.com


Most people who’ve used marijuana for opioid withdrawal symptoms agree, it’s very effective for treating pain, anxiety, stress, nausea, headaches, chills and most other narcotic withdrawal symptoms. If used smartly and medicinally – there’s no doubt marijuana can help you endure a week or two of hellish withdrawals.

Marijuana opiate withdrawal symptom relief rating: 8 out of

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