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3 Benefits of Having a Life Coach

Life Coach, Dr. Cali Estes

3 Benefits of Having a Life Coach

The Benefits of Having a Life Coach and Sober Coach in One Service

Sober Coaching can give you great direction and insight into the issues behind addiction. Life Coaching can help you to focus on what’s next in life rather than staying stuck in the past. Both Sober Coaching and Life Coaching have many benefits and work great in conjunction to one another. If you are on the road to recovery not only from addiction: to drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, technology, or addiction of any kind, but also want to get ‘unstuck’ in your life from the issues that still seem to be holding you back, having both a Sober Coach and a Life Coach to help you get your life back is very important. There are usually many underlying issues and/or character defects that need work in order to not only get clean and sober but to stay clean and sober. So, what can having both a Life Coach and a Sober Coach do for you? The synergistic effect of these two services combined can create a powerful positive impact on your life. And here are a few of the top reasons to utilize both services, offered in Sober Coaching and Life Coaching, that will help you not only to get your life back but will also help you keep moving forward and level up in life to ultimately become your greatest version!


  1. Improved Self-confidence:

A Sober Coach will help you get sober and continue to accompany you at home, hotel, resorts, events, and more whereas you will feel confident that you will have someone there with you to help you recognize triggering situations, and how to deal with them. And if you’re like me, you will feel more confident in yourself overall with your appearance, social reintegration, newfound hope, and everything else that comes with sobriety after years of substance abuse.  With a Life Coach, self-confidence can also be improved and maintained long-term because you will consistently be assisted in setting and achieving short and long-term goals, finding out what your inner expertise is and tapping into that potential, and simply feeling better about yourself because of your accomplishments in your new life. You will feel confident in your home life, work, and social gatherings, taking ownership of your life and hyper-focusing on and going after how you want your life to be.


  1. Building a Well-balanced Life:

The difference between a life in active addiction/alcoholism and one’s life in sobriety is to me (and I’m sure to many others who have suffered addiction or have seen a loved one do so) is monumental. We all define balance differently, but generally, the definition of a balanced life can consist of similar desires and improvements. Typically, with inactive addiction, we are not good at handling romantic relationships, relationships with friends or family. We also either have a short fuse and go off-the-handle easily over small issues, or we simply stop caring about what goes on around us or within ourselves. A Sober Coach helps us delve deep into the issues that caused us to use in the first place and helps us learn how to handle situations in a calm, collected manner (acceptance of life on life’s terms) and figure out why we had such difficulties handling them altogether. Sobriety alone can obviously improve our moods and demeanor until it doesn’t. We still have to work on our inner-most defects in order to become better at handling our lives overall. A Life Coach will also help you find balance in your life and become better at handling situations that occur on a daily basis. Say you are bad at relationships and have some time of sobriety under your belt, but there are still many trust issues or anger issues you need to work on. A Sober Coach can help you with this in many ways including but not limited to helping you work through a 12-step program. A Life Coach can help you balance out life between relationships, work, and fun, and more by helping you set realistic goals and schedules and take action-based steps to help you better handle all of these situations. A Life Coach can also help with the same issues you may work on in another program by helping you focus on what you need to improve, and how to do so.


  1. Improved Communication:

It comes with life in general and is worsened when addiction is added to the equation: The Great Communication Breakdown. Personally, the first time I decided sobriety was what I wanted; my communication improved slowly but surely. With family, communication improved because I no longer felt I needed to lie or hide things. I became more comfortable speaking in large groups, in meetings, at events, and so on. As soon as I decided to drink again, the change was drastic. I no longer possessed those newfound social skills, I couldn’t handle relationships or work on problems with others, I didn’t want to reach out for help, and I had isolated yet again. A Sober Coach can help you get to the epicenter of what is causing your lack of communication skills and show you how communication is key in every aspect of life; relationships, business, mental and spiritual health, and more. A Life Coach can help you on a continual basis with maintaining communication among family and friends, colleagues, and significant others and even help you set and achieve goals you may have in order to improve your communication skills overall.


These are only a few reasons why having both a Sober Coach and a Life Coach is key in building a whole new happy life for yourself, to feel better about yourself, feel proud of what you have achieved, maintain balance in all aspects of your life, and to be able to communicate with others in every situation that may occur. You will be prepared to face any obstacle life throws your way and move forward, coming out stronger than ever before.

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