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3 reasons drug and alcohol treatment fail and how to fix it

drug and alcohol treatment online

3 reasons drug and alcohol treatment fails and how to fix it


Typical Drug and alcohol treatment has a 95% FAIL rate!  Our Sober on Demand program does not. Sober on Demand is not your typical drug and alcohol treatment, or rehab. In fact, it’s different in many ways and is a fully customized (to you, the client) alternative to addiction treatment. So, what are some key differences between Sober on Demand and typical drug rehabs? Here are the top 3 differences between Typical Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Sober on Demand.

  1. No group requirements – I, like many others, have felt the pressure of meeting requirements as part of a program of recovery in rehab or a sober living home. Not only in the past did I get to put on restriction, unable to leave to see my friends or family for making only 4 meetings in a week instead of 5, but also felt judgment in meetings. I was even told by a ‘recovery veteran’ at one point not to speak in a meeting because I only had a few months of sobriety. I don’t care what they say about toughing it out and “getting out of your comfort zone”; The only requirement is a desire to live a better life without drugs or alcohol; being made uncomfortable is not a requirement. So, if ego seems like a big issue among those who preach about being humble in those AA or NA meetings to you like it does me, then perhaps a group setting, forced or not, is not best for you. Sober on Demand offers a completely confidential, one on one between the client and Sober Companion where you will be taught coping skills, life skills, trigger management, and how to get unstuck in your life. You will learn how to handle the underlying issues that make you feel like you have to use in the first place; you will learn to deal with life on life’s terms and focus on ‘what’s next, rather than dwelling in the past, or feeling like the only way out is to numb with drugs or alcohol whatever it may be holding you back.


  1. No time limits – For some, meetings work. You go in for an hour, work with your sponsor on whatever step you may be up to in the 12-Step program you’re working on, and you don’t care what other people think, if there are ego-driven vibes in the room. And typically, you can call a sponsor at any time. This is with AA, NA, most anonymous 12-Step programs. What about rehab facilities? Even more strenuous requirements, at least most of the time… If you utilize a counselor, great. But are you getting to say what you need to say as well as listen to the advice you need to work on your issues in a timely manner? Or do you feel as though you are being told why you feel the way you feel, and suddenly the meeting, whatever type of meeting it may be is over before you get to really ask the questions you wanted to ask, or explain certain situations that have occurred in your life? A Sober Companion will not cut you off, will stay with you 24/7 depending on your needs, and will even attend events with you. You will be helped with triggers, coping skills, and stressors right as they occur throughout your daily life, rather than having to wait until your next therapy session in a different type of treatment. And this is not a one-sided program; a Sober Companion will even attend those AA or NA meetings with you if that is the program you feel comfortable working on. Not only meetings but recovery events like spiritual retreats, sporting events, family get-togethers, and anything you may need accompaniment in, Sober on Demand’s Sober Companion will walk through every step of the way.


  1. We Come to you – One thing I personally am very uncomfortable with is a hospital-like setting. Even in one’s office building, it just feels like you’re out of your element. If you’re like me at all, when you’re out of your element, sometimes it’s difficult to focus on getting down to the underlying issues we have and really feeling 100% comfortable being fully honest and open with someone else and trusting that the advice given isn’t the same thing they tell every client in whatever time-restricted session they may have. This is true in larger, group-oriented meetings as well. In fact, in a group, it can be even tougher to speak up about your issues or character defects, knowing that someone may help with great advice, but also that someone else may be judging you and could intentionally “call you out”, making you feel like you are not welcome, or do not wish to attend said meeting again knowing you will run into this person each time you attend. Sober on Demand will come to you. Your Sober Companion will visit you in your home, office, tour bus, hotel, or event, whatever it may be. Even if you seek medical detox, Sober on Demand offers completely private, in-home (or wherever you wish), medical detox, with a nurse and/or doctor by your side 24/7. So, not only do you receive accompaniment in your home, meetings, events, and so on, you get a medical team by your side where you are most comfortable. Whether it is Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Food and Eating Disorders, Video Game Addiction, Social Media Addiction, Technology Addiction, Shopping Addiction, or addiction of ANY kind, Sober on Demand is with you through every turn in your recovery where you are most comfortable. When a Sober Companion comes to you, it makes for much less stress than a situation where you may have a therapy appointment or even a court-ordered appointment of any kind as a result of your addiction; you may need a more flexible schedule because of your job, upcoming event(s), or anything else where you would otherwise have to miss, cancel or make room for. A Sober Companion will work with you whenever and wherever you need in order to better your life!


So those are 3 reasons drug and alcohol treatment fails and how to fix it! Call today at 800 706 0318 for help and an alternative to addiction treatment. 

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