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3 Reasons to Hire an Addictions Coach

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3 Reasons to Hire an Addictions Coach

If you’re still shaky about hiring an addictions coach, then this blog is for you. Unlike some, it isn’t meant to minimize your concerns or reasons, just address them. Heck, more often than not, the reasoning is completely valid. The field only recently has started gaining some major traction and it’ll soon be a fixture in addiction treatment alternatives to many, but if you haven’t been following for long, it can be new and scary. So, here are three reasons why you should hire an addictions coach.

Proven Effectiveness

Addiction coaching, while revolutionary, has been around for a while. We all have our gripes with the traditional methods. Group exercises can lead to feeling like just a number and insignificant, being able to reach an inpatient facility can be impossible for some, and even if they could manage, being away from loved ones and working for 30+ days is just not an option for many breadwinners out there. This is especially important as the stresses of a full-time job and heavy family responsibilities are proven to be factored in a desire for “escape” and thus using things like drugs or drinking to cope.

But what is addiction coaching? Well, imagine rehab, but tweaked to work better for those who have those gripes we mentioned earlier. Rather than being lumped into a group, you’re given your own addiction coach. They talk you through issues, offer a road map, offer referrals to things like sober companions and other treatment methods, and are proven to be incredibly effective. Can’t go to a facility? Well, there’s no need! They can come to you directly or you can enlist the help of an online sober coach. Both are viable options, and it’s just a matter of availability and preference. Can’t spend time away from home? Well, with a sober coach, there’s no need! Online sober coaching works around your schedule, do so discreetly and offer guidance on your life as it goes on.

Your Everyday Life Matters

That last point is an especially significant one. It can be embarrassing to have others know that you may be struggling. It’s a very personal issue and anyone would much prefer being able to simply choose whom they confide in, rather than having their privacy completely violated.

Not only that but having advice catered toward your life as it goes on is something rehab can’t quite recreate. With an inpatient treatment center cultivated to provide the most care and support humanly possible, there’s an undeniable benefit to such a thing. However, this can lead to detachment from the outside world. Sometimes choices aren’t black and white, vices are easier to ignore when you have four walls put between you and them, and there won’t always be a person around to offer guidance and overlook the situation. Addiction coaching takes the issue and addresses it in terms of your current life. What you can do, how you can do it, and if there are any mistakes, how to address those. Rather than giving one a crutch to lean on, they give people the chance to thrive on their own.

Additional Resources

Finally, if addictions coaching isn’t quite working for you (which would be very unlikely, but still plausible), that isn’t the be-all and end-all! Sometimes you need more than just one person to work on an issue. Whether it be a sober companion or therapy, we all have our needs, and an addictions coach can help you address them. There’s no incentive to keep you latched down to the service if it isn’t doing what it’s meant to do, and helping you recover is the utmost priority. Referrals are completely possible and finding the best fit for you is crucial.

There’s no harm in finding an addictions coach, and if you’re interested, there are some wonderful resources out there. Sober on Demand is a fantastic service that can answer questions and offers services, as well as The Addictions Coach, a leading provider run by Cali Estes. Don’t be afraid to get help or at the very least ask some questions!


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