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3 Reasons You Need an Online Sober Coach

online sober coach

3 Reasons You Need an Online Sober Coach

Sober coaching is an ever-growing field and while many may hear about it, oftentimes they don’t hear about the more aspects of it: why people use it, why people need it, and what it can do for you. This piece will answer those questions and more, hopefully acting as a guide or even gateway toward the fascinating and powerful field of alternative addiction treatment. So, let’s answer the question: Why do you need an online sober coach?

Different From Rehab

Right off the bat, there’s great difficulty in many reaching out for help when it comes to addiction. There’s stigma, anxiety, maybe poor past experiences, or a connection to their substance of choice that they’ll hesitate to lose. Either way, their options must be enticing enough to put some serious trust into, and unfortunately, rehab can let some people down.

Now – before we get too far it’s incredibly important to hammer in this point: this isn’t saying that going to rehab is an awful option. If one’s choices were to either attend or continue their addiction, most if not all people would say just go to rehab. It’s a solution, and that’s what’s important. However, there are better ones for some folks out there.

Rehab consists of a few faults that a sober coach may make up for. For one, rehab takes a long time to complete. Specifically, it can take up to 60 days in inpatient treatment – that’s two whole months away from home, work, and your general responsibilities. This may work for some, but less so for others. They may be unable to leave their families alone for that amount of time due to dependent members, or they may not be able to afford to not attend work for that long. It’s a tricky dilemma. Not only that but there’s a stigma to it.

It would be hard for a coworker or friend to not notice anyone missing for two months and have any questions and being honest about addiction is hard. People tend to feel more comfortable with the fewest number of individuals knowing their struggles as possible, and that’s completely fair! It’s a vulnerable subject.

Finally, there’s the lack of focus to it all. Not necessarily a lack of direction, but more a plethora of group-oriented activities that make someone feel like a number instead of a person, and less focus on them. A sober coach addresses all of these potential issues with modernized techniques. There’s online availability so inpatient treatment isn’t necessary, confidentiality is because a client’s comfort is their top priority, and it’s completely focused on the individual! There are no group exercises, it’s you and the coach working one-on-one.

Online Accessibility

Adding onto that point of online availability, alternative to addiction treatment programs utilize this aspect well. Remote meetings and appointments are available for those who may need them and make the process both effective and convenient. This is especially helpful for those who may be afraid of entering an actual facility or have things they simply can’t leave behind. Getting help from the comfort of one’s own home is a growing desire in the modern age, and coaching has managed to keep up with the trend.

Safe and Reliable

Finally, there’s the elephant in the room when it comes to the word “alternative” in alternative treatment. Some may feel wary or hesitant because some programs give the phrase a bad name. However, no matter the service, whether it be a life coach or sober companion, The Addictions Coach team can be 100% transparent in saying that their techniques and approaches are all embedded in modernized science and research. Neurology, counseling, life planning, and more are combined and utilized to ensure that each client leaves recovered and well. Not only that but services like therapy are only amplified by our program, not replaced.

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