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3 Ways A Sober Companion Can Help You Avoid Addiction Treatment

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3 Ways A Sober Companion Can Help You Avoid Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment – while helpful, isn’t something everyone can accommodate. Time, money, or several other factors can make even the best services hard to reach for some. However, sober companions can be the cushion you need so you don’t need addiction treatment.

On Your Terms

Being away from your normal environment is often a big issue with rehab. If not due to a financial reason, it may be due to the time sink and unrealistic or unwavering solutions to complicated issues. Sober companions work around your life instead. Rather than offering hypotheticals or standards, they keep you company where you need it most and keep a watchful eye on any triggering situations.

This could be on a trip, while out and about around town, or even at home if so requested. So, if a certain part of your life is hampering your ability to make a change for the better, a life coach can be anywhere to help you. With that, there may be the concern of “babying” or “handholding”, but rest assured that organizations like The Addictions Coach or Sober on Demand hold firm that the experience is nothing like that! It’s respectful, efficient, and – most importantly – keeps you safe.

Length and Effectiveness

Another major flaw with traditional addiction treatment is time. Both in the sense of being away for so long, and how it can feel like a “short burst”. Getting intense treatment for thirty days and then suddenly being pushed out into the normal world again is rough and some people may need more assistance. Sober companions, yet again, address this issue. Not only does care last until the person feels they’re ready, but it can be as intense as they need. High supervision, constant care, and even the implementation of someone like an addictions coach to further address their needs. R

On top of that, certain services like Sober on Demand have their own unique touches that make the service long-lasting even without a companion. Their sober companions take a broad look ahead and with deep training and extensive expertise in assessing variables and contingencies, they build towards a solid structure without compromising the client’s comfort.

Help In the Moment

Finally, there’s the irreplaceable aspect of having someone then and there when you need it most. You can have your plans and steps to follow while out and about, but ultimately the adage “it’s easier said than done” will always be true. You may struggle or fall victim to a moment of weakness, and there may be no safety net when utilizing traditional treatment. However, sober companions are there for you when you need them the most – the moments of high tension and risk.

You don’t have to be alone when trying to be free from addiction, and having as much support as possible is the best solution one can ask for. A sober companion can be that and more for the reasons listed above. Your needs are met, it lasts for as long as you need it, and it’s there when you need it. On top of all that, sober companions work beautifully with all sorts of addiction treatment services, even aside from the alternatives it’s usually mentioned alongside. Addiction coaching and sober companions may go hand in hand, but they also come in handy post-rehab when most are vulnerable to a possible relapse. They not only reinforce the ideas taught previously but also offer guidance for the future and steady footing to help their client get there. For further information, feel free to visit the Sober on Demand website or The Addictions Coach.

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