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3 Ways Therapists are Different from Life Coaches

3 Ways Therapists are Different from Life Coaches

  1. Therapists go back into history; coaches focus on the present and future:

The idea of working on yourself is to avoid dwelling on the past, yes? Therapy has its reasons to delve into the past, of course, sometimes to figure out what is causing an unhealthy mindset in the present… but a Certified Life Coach will, rather, help you focus on “The Now”, and to let go of past events so that you may learn to let things go, forget about resentments or regrets, and realize that no matter what has happened in the past, nothing is off-limits for you to start building yourself up now, for a greater future.


  1. Therapists deal with traumatic events; life coaches keep you in the present and moving forward:

Similar to the previous paragraph, a therapist will focus more on the past, and traumatic events; things that may have hurt or disturbed you to the point it has affected how you deal with your emotions, actions and reactions, and way of living overall. A Life Coach will focus more on solutions rather than past problems. With the power of positivity, motivation, inspiration, and accountability, you will find your strong points and gain a whole new powerful perspective on how you look at life and your capabilities moving forward.


  1. Therapists Focus on the Why of Things, whereas Coaches Focus on the ‘What’s Next’ Concept:

As it reads, a therapist will focus on “why” things happened to you in the past, why you hurt yourself or others, why you reacted in the past to certain situations, and why you are where you are now all together. A Life Coach, however, will not focus on digging back to the problem. A Certified Life Coach will hyper-focus with you on how you’re going to build your life on the foundation you already have built; to show you that no matter where you have ended up in life, there is always a means to becoming your greatest version.


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