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3 Ways To Drink Less Over the Holidays

drink less on the holidays

3 Ways To Drink Less Over the Holidays

The holidays can be a really triggering time for people who drink. It seems that alcoholic beverages are at almost every holiday gathering.

What if you are trying to drink less around the holidays? Are you worried that you may not be able to stop drinking once you start?

The holidays can be a really trying time for people who drink or have alcoholism. You have the frustrations of cooking, spending time with family who you may not get along with, spending a ton of money on presents, and even traveling to juggle.

So, how do you cut back on your alcohol consumption over the holidays? This article will help you do just that.

1. Have a Drink Prepared To Bring With You

One of the best ways to ensure you don’t drink is to always carry something in a glass in your hand. There are non-alcoholic drinks to choose from in almost every type of drink you can think of. Or you can create your own mocktail at home.

Or you may decide to drink filtered or distilled water all night. You can make it fun and festive by putting your drink in a holiday-themed cup or glass. Either way, when you have a drink already in your hand, you’ll be less tempted to pick up an alcoholic one.

2. Leave the Party Early

You can attend a Christmas party or holiday gathering after work and not drink anything, or at least drink one or two. Yes, it’s possible. Set a firm time limit for yourself before you even arrive.

You can appear, eat, socialize, and then head out. You know your limits. If being around other people drinking — especially your in-laws— puts you on edge, then politely exit out the back before anyone gets too intoxicated.

If you’re concerned about seeming rude, just let everyone know in advance, especially the host. Let them know that you plan to only stay for a bit and hang out, and then you need to leave early because you don’t want to drink too much.

3. Practice Your Self-Care Routines

One way to make sure that you drink less during the holidays is to stay strong on your self-care game. You’re much less likely to want to grab a drink when you eat right, get enough sleep, and remain calm during the holidays.

Sometimes, we fall off from our self-care practices during the holidays. There’s extra shopping or traveling involved, and you may be tempted to stop doing your daily yoga practice and start back after the holidays. Do not do this.

There are better times to back off on self-care than the holidays. If anything, ramp it up. Try two daily practices instead of your usual one. For example, you could do yoga in the mornings but add journaling to your bedtime routine.

Also, if you eat healthily during the year, don’t let the holidays be a time to break from that, either. There are plenty of yummy things that you can eat during the holidays that are good for you, and you can still enjoy a small piece of that pie.


The Addictions Coach Can Help You Cut Back During the Holidays

The holidays can be a very triggering time for people who are trying to cut back on alcohol. It can be a hard time to cut back on food, too!

We’ve got you covered if you are concerned that you may need some help drinking less during this holiday season. Here at The Addictions Coach, we know how difficult the holidays can be as we’ve been there.

One of our sober coaches or companions can accompany you to your holiday events or be there to answer your calls when needed. Reach out today.


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