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3 Ways To Keep Yourself Accountable in Addiction Recovery

keep yourself accountable

3 Ways To Keep Yourself Accountable in Addiction Recovery

Living in recovery can be overwhelming. When you are newly sober, you may feel like you are driving around lost without a GPS. If you stay lost for too long, you could wind up in a relapse because you didn’t have a plan mapped out for your recovery.

One way you can help yourself manage recovery is to become accountable. Accountability is essential to your recovery because you are encouraged to stay honest with yourself and others about what’s happening inside you. It’s important to be accountable. Here are three ways to hold yourself accountable on your road to recovery.

1. Celebrate the Wins in Addiction Recovery

Celebrating your wins, the big and the little ones, is healthy in recovery. Recovery can be challenging, so it’s good to reward yourself when you reach certain milestones. 

For example, when you reach your monthly or yearly sober dates, take yourself to a nice dinner or book a relaxing massage. 

You could celebrate tiny wins, too. Imagine walking into the pharmacy store where you used to buy liquor, and you didn’t get triggered walking past the whiskey. That’s a win— you can be proud to have come so far!

2. Get an Accountability Partner in Addiction Recovery

Finding an accountability partner is a great way to stay accountable during recovery. An accountability partner is someone who can offer support and help you to stay focused on your goals. Think, your very own recovery cheerleader. 

You can find a family member or a close friend to hold you accountable. However, someone may have your best interest at heart but may come at you in the wrong way, which is detrimental to your recovery. 

So, finding a third party, like a sober or life coach, is a fantastic accountability partner. A sober coach can see you unbiasedly and help keep you on track. Also, sober coaches are sober. So, it’s a good idea to be held accountable by someone who must keep themselves accountable too.

3. Try Not To Isolate in Addiction Recovery

It’s often difficult in addiction recovery to connect with others. You may lose some friends, families, or significant others to maintain sobriety. Most of the time, you must disconnect from anyone you drink with or get high with. 

However, having a connection with healthy, sober individuals can be a good thing for your recovery. When you are connected to people who you can trust, then you can open up to them about anything that’s going on that concerns you. 

For example, if you’re feeling heavy cravings for alcohol, that’s normal. But, if you keep it to yourself, the cravings can worsen over time. Instead, you can open up and tell your friends, ” Hey, I’ve been craving bad lately. Will you check in with me for a few days?” Or ask them to go with you to the gym or do something fun to take your mind off the cravings. It’s always better to be around others than to isolate.


A Sober Coach Can Hold You Accountable in Your Addiction Recovery

It’s wise to hold yourself accountable in recovery. Try to find an external person to help you stay accountable. A good person to help you do this is a sober coach. A sober coach has years of recovery and can help you point out behaviors that could trigger or damage your recovery. 

When you have a sober coach, you know you have a right-hand man. The Addictions Coach has a team of sober coaches who want to help you on your recovery journey. Reach out today for a sober coach to help you.

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