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4 Surefire ways to create an amazing Recovery Coaching Practice

Dr. Cali Estes teaching recovery coach4 Surefire ways to create an amazing Recovery Coaching Practice

When it comes to a great coaching practice you need more than basics to reign in the clients. You need to stand out from the rest of the other drug and alcohol coaches and addictions coaches. You need to know how to be a great coach and a great business person. Coaches can fall short with one or the other. Here are 4 tips to get the most from your Recovery Coaching Practice.

1. CREDENTIALS. With the increase in the amount of Recovery Coaches and the availability of alternatives to treatment, consumers have many more choices for qualified Recovery Coaches then ever before. Make sure you have a National Certification that is for Professionals and when it is time register with your state. Take as many classes and educational opportunities that you can. Learn alternative disciplines as well including Intervention, Anger Management, and Family Recovery Coaching, it will make you more marketable.

2. NETWORK. It is imperative that you get the word out to other professionals about what you are doing and that you are taking referrals! Contact mental health therapists, doctors, treatment facilities, domestic violence advocates, legal support specialists, detox places, even other coaches. Explain your services and look for mutual referral services.  A good contact refers back and forth and will build credibility over time. Start your referral base and contact them to keep the lines of communication open.

3.INTERNET PRESENCE. Create a website and showcase your talents with pictures and back it up with your credentials and experience. Use Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and get your message out there. Let everyone what you are doing and blog, blog., blog. Your potential clients will want to hear what you have to say.

4. GET A COACH YOURSELF. All good coaches have a coach. It is imperative that you have someone on your team to bounce ideas of marketing, business and of course clinical supervision to handle the difficult clients. Get your team in place.

At The Addictions Academy we can assist you with all of the above. We are the only National Provider of Addictions Coaching classes, including the Master Addiction Coach Certification that encompasses six  (6) different types of addictions:  drug and alcohol, gambling and gaming, food addictions, and even anger management as bonus. We can mentor you, assist you with marketing, website development and become the best Addiction Coach you can be.  www.TheAddictionsAcademy.com or call us at 1.800.706.0318

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