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5 Reasons a Teen Needs a Life Coach

teens need a life coach

5 Reasons a Teen Needs a Life Coach

Teenagers deal with challenges day-to-day. For example, they may deal with bullying and worry about scoring high on a test for college entry and scholarships. They can also deal with learning how to drive and take care of a car or manage their first job. While simultaneously balancing school, sports, and vibrant social life. Teenagers could benefit in many ways from having someone to talk to once a week or once a month.

We all know how hard it is to get your teen to talk to you about anything. However, having a trusted adult, they can talk to can be a great support as they enter adulthood. Let’s look at five reasons a teen might benefit from a life coach.


1. Struggling in School

If your teen has always been an A student and suddenly, their grades are slipping way below that, it may be a good time to get them a life coach. Most of the time, when grades drop, something else is going on emotionally or psychologically that needs addressing. Often, having a third party to speak to is enough to help teens get out of their “funk.”

A life coach can also be a good motivator or cheerleader for your teen. Life coaching can help your teen learn how to manage their time better and prioritize schoolwork before other extracurricular activities. Sleep is essential for teenagers. A life coach can help your teen learn to set a schedule that allows them 9 to 10 hours of sleep a night so that their brains can develop correctly, and they can do their best in school.

Another issue many teens struggle with is deciding what to do after graduating high school. If they want to go off to college, there are different applications and tests that they may have to take, and a life coach can help them learn to manage test anxiety better so they can score higher. In addition, a life coach can help them decide if they want to go on to trade school and make sure they jump through all the hoops required to take that route. Finally, as you are aware, teens often don’t like to talk to their parents so getting a life coach is someone they can learn to speak with and may even listen to, especially regarding education.


2. Communication Problems

Most teens find it hard to communicate some issues with their parents. As parents, all you want is for your teen to talk to you about whatever is going on with them so that you can fix it. A life coach can teach them communication skills that they can use to express some of the turbulent emotions that may be going on inside of them.

Many teens also have an active social media life. A life coach can help them learn to use social media in moderation, so they remember how to communicate in the real world. Life coaching can help them find a healthy balance.

Sibling rivalry can get out of hand at times. A life coach can help with sibling conflicts and help[ your teen to get along with their brothers or sisters. If your teenager is hanging out with the wrong group and won’t listen to you, then a life coach can convince them why these are not the best friends for a desirable future. Life coaches can help to show adolescents the bigger picture.

3. Struggling To Find Their Identity

A life coach can help your teen to become who they truly are. So many times, teens will hide their identity and self because of fear of rejection from others. A life coach can help them to answer these personal questions about their identity. A life coach can also assist with relationship “drama.” A life coach will help them with dating, friends, peer pressure, and relationships with family members.

Also, a teen could be struggling to understand a recent trauma. For example, a death in the family or a divorce could really affect them, and they may not talk much about it but could be acting out. A life coach can help them figure out how to handle some of the negative emotions that many teens may try to hold inside. However, a life coach is not a replacement for therapy, so if the trauma is deep, a therapist may be suggested to help in addition to life coaching.

4. Build Up Self-confidence

Teenagers with low self-esteem are more at risk for engaging in risky behaviors than those with high- self-esteem. A life coach for your teen can help build their self-esteem so they can be confident and less likely to make poor decisions. Another issue teens often face is isolation, which may not be their fault. Sometimes kids are just cut out of certain groups, and there may be no real reason. Sometimes your teen may want to be more independent. In that case, a life coach can help them learn to be independent in the ways they can while still relying on you or their classmates for other important social skills.

5. Alcohol or Substance Use Issues

A teenager’s brain is not fully developed. The brain usually is fully mature once they are in their late 20s. The last part of the brain to develop is the prefrontal cortex which is the area of the brain that is responsible for impulse control and planning skills.

So teens will often engage in risky behaviors. Peer pressure is another reason teens may engage in drinking or substance abuse. A life coach can help show teens that these dangerous behaviors could lead to addiction later in life. They can help deter teens from drinking. If they have already developed an issue with addiction, then a life coach can help them to overcome it.

Many times, alcohol use and drug use are glamorous to teens. However, a life coach can also show them the factual aspects of addiction and how it is not glamorous. They are placing themselves at considerable risk of developing health issues later if they continue that path.


Find Your Teen a Life Coach at The Addiction Coach


A life coach can help to put your teen on the path to success. If you suggest seeing a therapist to your teen, they may reject the idea. However, having a life coach will hopefully bring out a better response from them. If you want to get a qualified life coach for your teen, The Addiction Coach has certified life coaches that will help your teenager. Whether your teen has problems with bullying or substance use, one of our trained life coaches can help them work through their issues so that they can live the life they deserve to live.

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