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5 Reasons You Need a Sober Companion

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5 Reasons You Need a Sober Companion

A sober companion or a sober buddy can be what sets your recovery apart from failure. A sober companion can be the best relapse prevention tool you can find. Akin to a sponsor in AA, a sober companion can be an integral aspect of your recovery. A sponsor can help guide you, but they cannot always be as available to you as you need.

This article will explain five reasons you need a sober companion to help ensure your addiction recovery is successful.

1.   They Have Had Their Own Battles With Addiction

Most sober companions are in recovery themselves. They know how hard it can be in the beginning stages. It is much easier to take advice from someone you know who has been in your shoes. In addition, you have access to someone with experience twenty-four-seven. They will help you see what your triggers are and help you to learn healthy ways to cope when they arise. To become sober, you need help.

2.   They Will Make Sure Your Living Space Is Free of Drugs or Alcohol

A sober companion can remove alcohol or drugs from your home or living space. So, if you go to a detox or after you leave treatment, they can ensure the area is cleared, so you won’t have to do it yourself. A major reason for relapse is that people go home to the old environment, and paraphernalia or a bottle is lying around and triggers the relapse. A sober companion will ensure all traces of the old environment are removed.

3.   They Teach You Healthy Habits

Another crucial tool a sober companion can help you with is learning healthy habits. As they have gone through the recovery process and formed their own healthy habits, they will be equipped to teach you how to implement them. For example, you will learn how to maintain a healthy diet, proper sleep schedules, and many other self-care techniques that will help you maintain recovery.

4.   Keep You Accountable

A sober companion will be dedicated to offering you support. It is scary to change how you live after using alcohol and drugs for an extended period. You may have family and counselors, but a sober companion can be there for you around the clock.

In the beginning stages of recovery, you need someone to hold you accountable. One of the biggest reasons people relapse is that they go home alone and have no one to hold them responsible for their actions. A sober companion will be with you when a craving strikes and will talk you out of getting that first bottle. They will know the signs to watch out for before you do and help you prevent relapse.

5.   Give You Someone to Communicate With

No matter how much friends and family love you, they may not be the easiest choice to talk to. You may have burned some bridges in active addiction, or it’s just hard to relate to what you’re going through unless they’ve gone through it themselves.

A sober companion can be your ear. They can also offer advice. You can tell them anything because they are a third party. For example, let’s say you want to get some things off your chest that you regret or have done to people you care about. A sober companion will listen to your issues unbiasedly and help you learn to let some heavy stuff go.


Find the Sober Companion for You

You need a sober companion to help you stay sober for many reasons. Therapy is good, but a therapist cannot give you the same attention as a sober companion. A sober companion can live with you around the clock or be available for a chat when you need it. If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, contact our professionals at 1-800-706-0318. We can match you up with a companion that will invest in your future.

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