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5 Top Reasons you need an Addictions Coach

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5 Top Reasons You Need an Addictions Coach

Addiction recovery can be challenging. It can be really difficult if you are trying to face it alone. The good news is that there is help for people looking to stay sober. There are ways to increase the chances of having a successful recovery.

One of those ways to help your recovery journey is to have an addictions coach. An addictions coach has typically been where you are and knows what it’s like to overcome an addiction. They know the challenges that you are facing each day.

While you may have the support of friends or family, you sometimes need a third party on the outside to help guide you through this sobriety journey.

This article will cover five reasons you need an addictions coach for your recovery journey.

5 Top Reasons you need an Addictions Coach:

1. Mindset

When you are new to sobriety, you may have a negative outlook on life. Addiction can make us tell ourselves stories that just aren’t true and lower our self-esteem. An addictions coach can help you develop a healthy and positive mindset.

Once you create a positive attitude, your outlook on the world and yourself will begin to change.

The likelihood of relapsing and falling back into old patterns will decrease as your mindset changes for the better.

2. Accountability

A significant reason for relapse is when, early on in recovery, people have no one to hold them accountable. Staying sober is challenging in the early stages, and having someone to keep you accountable is a must for success. An addictions coach can work with you one-on-one to check in with you and make sure that you feel confident in your sober journey.

3. Goal Setting

You may still need to set many goals when you first get sober. But an addictions coach can help you start. If you don’t know where to begin, a coach will help you determine your long-term and short-term goals.

Then, once you have outlined goals that you want to achieve in your life, they can offer you the support you need to focus on them and achieve them.

Regular sessions with your addictions coach will help you be held accountable for the work you put forth into your goals. You’ll be able to reach personal and professional goals while you maintain your sobriety.

4. Triggers

Triggers are what cause you to use drugs or drink alcohol. A recovery coach will help you to identify your specific triggers. Then, once your triggers are identified, you can work to determine how you can avoid them in the future. An addictions coach will also give you tools and coping techniques that you can use whenever you are faced with these triggers.

5. Relapse Prevention Plan

One of the best ways to ensure that people don’t relapse is to have a thorough relapse prevention plan in place as soon as possible. A recovery coach can help you come up with a plan of action to prevent a relapse.

Together, you can come up with a plan that covers your warning signs, triggers, people, and places that you can go to for help whenever you might be in a situation. Your coach may even have you put your prevention plan up on a wall or carry it with you so if a craving comes up, you can pull it out and read over it.

If our top 5 Top Reasons you need an Addictions Coach resonate, then Hire an Addictions Coach Today!

Having an addictions coach on your side can be the difference between a successful recovery and another relapse. At The Addictions Coach, we have sober coaches who are ready to guide you on your path to help you maintain long-term sobriety. Reach out today and hire an addictions coach so you can have a successful recovery.

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