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5 Ways to Naturally Detox the Body

5 ways to naturally detox the body

Increase energy, boost mood and lessen the physical and emotional symptoms of drug and alcohol use on the body.

Clients going through withdrawal and addiction symptoms can benefit  from the 5 natural inexpensive modalities below:

1. Yoga.  Yoga is designed to detoxify the glands, the organs and bring fresh air to the cell walls.  Poses like downward dog, warrior, mountain, and child’s pose will assist the client in releasing the toxins from the body and expelling them.  The muscles will feel better after stretching and engaging them.  Since active addicts get little to no exercise it will be imperative that the body is being moved and engaged in different ways.

2. Fruit juices.   You can add fresh fruit to water, or you can juice fruits to detox the body.  You can also add vegetables and allow the antioxidants to flow into the body.  Fresh fruit juices and green smoothies are an excellent way to get the needed and depleted vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that most addicts lack from a poor diet during using drugs and alcohol.

3. Supplements.  There are a few excellent supplements that can assist when detoxing off drugs, specifically opiates.  A multivitamin (for energy), 5- HTP (mood stabilization and better sleep), Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils (hair, circulation and mood improvement, rebuilding of the cellular walls), probiotic (stomach and intestinal issues), L-Tyrosine (increases dopamine and serotonin in the brain for better mood), Mile Thistle (liver detox).

 4. Get thee to the Beach!   The ocean has healing properties and so does the sun. The ocean contains salt and natural detox minerals to make the skin and hair feel shiny and clean. The water will also soothe aches and pains. The sun will assist with vitamin D and fresh air always helps you recover from sickness. If you can, walk along the beach line and get some exercise or go for a light swim.  Start to increase the movements of the body, especially with opiate users. The body has remained still inside and mostly sleeping, it is time to wake it up and get the toxins flowing out of the body!  If you are not near the beach, shoot for the pool or hot tub.

5. Laughter.  Go out with friends and laugh or pop in a comedy DVD and increase your natural dopamine and serotonin by laughing.  Using drugs — especially opiates — most of the time you spend sleeping.  Laughing will increase your dopamine, serotonin, and mood.  It is imperative to increase your mood for the first 6 months after use when you feel sick, tired, and lethargic.


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