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Don’t Miss Your Chance To Join Us In Las Vegas!

Don’t miss your chance to join us In Las Vegas!

$500 OFF our Exclusive course in Las Vegas, Nevada.  February 20-22 at Solutions Recovery Inc.  We are offering a fun 3 day class covering Intervention Techniques using the exclusive RAAD model.  Recovery Coaching and how to make the transition from therapy to coaching, and how to start your own lucrative coaching business.  If you need CEU’s, we offer them and can teach you Intervention, Recovery Coaching and have fun in the process!  We are endorsed by NAADAC as an Educational Provider and  CAADAC as an education provider and can provide CEU’s for addiction therapists, social workers, mental health therapists, etc.  786.709.0479

Don't miss your chance to join us in Las Vegas!Don't miss your chance to join us in Las Vegas!



If you are tired of taking insurance or want cash pay clients and clients that are actually happy to see you, learning how to add Recovery Coaching and Intervention to your existing services is paramount, we can assist you.  Call today at 786.709.0479 to get your $500 to have fun while in Vegas.


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