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8 Ways a Sober Companion is Key to Sobriety

8 Ways a Sober Companion is Key to Sobriety

  1. Provide support when needed:

why hire a sober companionAll services through Sober on Demand can be provided 24/7, even for extended periods of time. Some unique concierge services might require advanced notice (usually 48 hours). Sober Companion clients can receive daily, weekly, or focused scheduled one-on-one therapy sessions based on individual needs.


  1. Assistance in destressing and deescalating:

Sober Companions will be able to assist with events that can cause stress or anxiety: weddings, business or otherwise large-scale meetings, or any event or place where drinking or drug use may be present in the environment. A Sober Companion will help you to identify and avoid trigger situations.


  1. Help to navigate tricky family and work situations:

Having a Sober Companion will help the client deal with situations while they are sober, and to help maintain sobriety in said situations; things like being around family members or friends that they may have used alcohol or drugs with in the past, or those still using on their own that may cause trigger related issues for the client. We can also help with work situations, whereas co-workers may be using/drinking, there may be things such as office parties with alcohol involved, or after-work get-togethers such as dining out where drinking can be involved. A sober companion can accompany you during some of these work-related events that may be difficult for you to work past alone, and teach you how to cope with situations even where you may not be able to have a Sober Companion on-site.


  1. Assistance with medical detox and MAT therapies:

If a client is involved in a medical detox or MAT (Medical-Assisted Treatment) program, a Sober Companion can assist by accompanying a client to the detox and/or residential addiction treatment / sober living facility. Sober Companions can also assist with any type of travel including for a job, vacations, moving, and any other travel where a client may need to have their Sober Companion nearby.


  1. Coaching and goal setting with an action plan:

Sober Companions can be either short-term or long-term depending on individual needs. Typically, a Sober Companion works with a client anywhere from 2 weeks to 30 days, but depending on the client’s needs pertaining to goals and plans, can be with their client for 1 year or more. An action plan with a Sober Companion includes transitioning from treatment back into the outside world and society, strength-based support systems, guidance, decision-making skills, coping skills, and much more!


  1. Assistance with Job and life balance:

Clients will be assisted in finding a balance between building and living their life to its fullest and working their job in order to keep their motivation and goals in check. A Sober Companion will even help in preparing for job interviews, putting together professional resumes, assisting in the learning process for basic training skills, and more, all while focusing on building and maintaining a solid plan to keep moving up in life!


  1. Assistance with dealing with family and boundary setting:

If a Sober Companion Client has life issues with family, building or maintaining healthy boundaries and environments, a Sober Companion will assist in finding what coping skills are best based on each client’s needs. Sometimes it is difficult to deal with things alone such as being stern with a family member when they are an enabler or struggling with substance abuse themselves. A Sober Companion will help the client set these boundaries and focus on their own sobriety and mental and physical well-being no matter the obstacles.


  1. Nutrition/fitness:

Nutrition and physical fitness are a huge part of recovery, as well as maintaining a healthy mind for motivation and persistence. A Sober Companion will help their clients in making meal plans, exercise routines and personal training, finding the right diet, and many more aspects of a healthy body, lifestyle, and mindset; all of which are important to keeping on track to a better life overall.


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