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8 Ways an Addiction Coach Can Help You Get Your Life on Track 

8 Ways an Addiction Coach Can Help You Get Your Life on Track 

Addiction coaching makes a real difference in so many people’s lives, and that’s a little-known fact outside of the addiction treatment community. Either due to not knowing what an addiction coach is, what their work entails, or just underestimating their impact. So, for those unaware of just how an addictions coach can change your life for the better, here’s a list that shows just a bit of what they do.

Creating a Life Roadmap and Getting Unstuck

Finding your way out of a dark place is much easier when you know the way. It can be easy and downright insulting to have someone use the end goal as a means of what to do next. i.e. “If you want to lose weight, just eat less food!” or “to quit drinking, just work it out of your life and replace it with other things.” If the solution were that simple, addiction wouldn’t be as prevalent of an issue as it is.

An addiction coach can offer a breath of fresh air with experience and an objective look at the issues at hand. Addressing each singular problem with unheard knowledge and wisdom and how to best approach those problems is an invaluable resource. Our struggles aren’t solved with copy-paste agendas and group exercises, they need a specialized eye focused directly on them!

Providing Accountability and Real-Time Coping Skills

Another vital aspect of addictions coaching is setting up each client for standing on their own two feet. The last point was just a part of that, and this is yet another example. Addiction coaching can force you to face uncomfortable truths and take accountability. This isn’t meant to break down the individual but set them up to understand exactly what’s going on and move past any hurdles. With that, they can also implement taught real-time coping skills, which are meant as the safety net meant to serve the client without direct interference. If you’re on a business trip or vacation without access to your coach, it’s their goal to ensure that you would be just fine with the tools they provide!

Healthy Lifestyle Planning

While coping skills and mechanisms may be powerful in the moment, a long-term plan is also necessary for consistent betterment. An addictions coach offers guidance in healthy lifestyle planning. Alternatives, triggers, meals, hobbies or activities, anything that falls under “lifestyle choices” an addiction coach can weigh in on and offer some insight.

Career & Education Guidance

Often amid the rollercoaster of addiction recovery, other aspects of one’s life may fall to the wayside. This wouldn’t be because those aspects aren’t meaningful or of high priority to them, but simply because the recovery process can be overwhelming. An addiction coach, with that aforementioned objective perspective, can look at one’s life with a clear lens and examine how they can pick up the pieces they may have left behind.

Whether it be education or career, these are aspects of one’s life that are vital to their future, and knowing how to approach them is key. This can be time allocation, speaking to certain individuals, building bonds, or putting in extra work to catch up or settle in.

Improved Family Relations

Another aspect often caught in the crossfire of addiction is one’s family. Whether directly or indirectly, loved ones are often hurt and desperate to see improvement in the user’s addiction recovery status. Building back any burned bridges is essential to building a tight-knit group that can support them in times of need.

While that process of rekindling relationships can be tricky, an addiction coach is trained to guide you through it. These issues are hard enough to handle on their own, and with some help, it should be much easier!

Balancing Sobriety with Lifestyle

While sobriety does offer a higher quality of life, stronger relationships, better mental and physical health, and improved work/educational flow, it does leave you with more time on your hands and opportunities to take. Rather than going out to drink with some buddies after work, you could maybe go out and do something else, or, heck, stay away from alcohol while still remaining friends. This won’t always be an option as the entire scenario could be a potential trigger and lead to relapse, but if it can work for you and your addiction coach approves of it, there’s a  potential option there!

However, if you wouldn’t know where to start, or perhaps just couldn’t see it working in your life, an addictions coach can find the perfect balance of sobriety with a lifestyle. Some may see it as an impossible task, but sobriety is always an option. It just takes a professional eye and some experimentation!

Sustaining Healthy Partnerships in Love & Livelihood

A major aspect of relationship management through addiction and recovery is actually sustaining them. Substance abuse can take a toll on partnerships, either romantic or cordial, and the last thing anyone needs is to lose yet another pillar on the platform of stability.

Addiction coaches have experience in addressing recovery – whether it be through training, clientele or personal experience – and know exactly what to do and not do, as well as the signs that addiction may be causing a partnership to decay. Your addictions coach can offer ways to juggle both your addiction recovery and vital partnerships without sacrificing either. It’s entirely doable and leaves many feeling fully fulfilled and satisfied.

Finding Inner Peace, Joy, and Contentment

Finally, outside influence aside, there’s the inner contentment that addiction coaching may provide. All these elements combined – stronger relationships, a healthier lifestyle, short-term goals, long-term goals, individuality, family, and friends –all contribute to a healthier overall headspace for the client. Even outside of that, an addiction coach is there for you specifically. If there’s an issue, they can listen to you and help to the best of their ability. This whole process is meant for your betterment, and by the end of it, their goal is as simple as making sure you are – and will be – okay.  An addiction coach can only be a positive influence! If this has been enough to drum up some intrigue, don’t hesitate to find an addictions coach and get started on the road to betterment!


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