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A Sober Companion May Save Your Career, Your Relationship, Your Life!


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Let me tell you a little story of how The Addictions Coach and their sober companion program saved a man, his career and his freedom.

First off, let me explain our sober companion program.  The Addictions Coach sends a certified top sober coach to basically live with the client day to day or come to the client daily to work with them and keep them clean and sober. We carefully and strategically pair the client with a sober companion who best fits and connects with the struggling addict and gives them the best possible chance to succeed and stay clean and sober.

Now, back to our story.

A client we will call Matt, was arrested for what could have been, a serious charge. Alcohol played a major factor and the authorities placed Matt on a pre-trial release program where he had to be evaluated and take place in some kind of alcohol treatment. After calling program after program Matt has starting to believe what the rehabs were telling him. Give EVERYTHING up and check into a residential rehab facility. Things seemed bleak. Matt has a mortgage, job, bills and a life.

He then read up on The Addiction Coach and their sober companion program. He gave us a call. After our assessment of Matt we decided that inpatient treatment was the last thing Matt needed. He needed a sober coach to work with him for 6 weeks. Matt accepted our help and we paired him with a top certified sober coach who was in Matt’s area 2 days after the evaluation. Matt worked hard with our sober coach and never missed a session, was never late and never failed a drug and alcohol test.

Needless to say, after Matt’s 6 weeks were over, The Addictions Coach was able to write up a successful completion and discharge from the program. The Addictions Coach was able to write an extremely positive discharge summary to Matt’s probation officer and the state attorney who was handling Matt’s case. Two weeks later Matt’s charges were dropped. Matt never missed a day’s work, a house payment, and remained free to live as he bettered himself.

This is just one of The Addictions Coach’s success stories. So please call us today at 1-800-706-0318 if you or someone you know needs a sober companion and visit our website to watch the hours of testimonial videos of those who have used our programs only to better their lives and become very successful.

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