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ABC 6 News shares Dr. Cali Estes’ guest appearance on KTLA Morning News: Tell-Tale Signs You May Be Living With an Addict

5 signs your loved one could be an addict.

Dr. Cali Estes, Author of “I Married A Junkie” Reveals Tell-Tale Signs You May Be Living With an Addict On KTLA Morning News

Posted: Jun 07, 2018 3:50 PM EDT

Author of I Married A Junkie, Dr. Cali Estes, was the featured guest on KTLA Morning News with hosts Frank Buckley and Jessica Holmes talking about Tell-Tale Signs You May Be Living With a ‘Junkie’.

On a recent episode of KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles with Frank Buckley and Jessica Holmes, Dr. Cali Estes, Author of I Married A Junkie, discussed tell-tale signs you may be living with a ‘junkie.’

Dr. Estes is one of the top addiction to sobriety coaches in the country and has been called the female Doctor Drew, but being in love proved to be a blind spot that kept her from seeing her own husband’s drug addiction as it spiraled out of control. Dr. Estes is the founder of the Addictions Academy. She and her husband Tim Estes, share their personal and painful story in a new book titled I Married A Junkie.

Estes said, “It’s actually very easy to miss it because [addicts] are very manipulative, and as a loved one, you don’t want to believe that your child or your husband would lie to you and do these things, but they do because they’re trying to get their drug of choice. ”

“Our story is about me being a professional in the industry and missing the signs because we were passing in the night at times, we weren’t even in the same room or the same dinner table. So I didn’t see some of the things. When we had met, he wasn’t really using. He was sober and he switched drugs of choice.”

Dr. Cali is a guest on KTLA 5 Morning News, watch the news segment here:


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