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Why addiction treatment fails

Why does addiction treatment fail?

Many addicts fall short of completing treatment because they desire to think that they understand their addiction and they leave treatment early and relapse or complete and relapse. The addict continues to use and the family feels powerless.  WHAT IF you can control and stop your addiction and do it WITHOUT A 30 DAY REHAB? With intensive, sober coaching with a certified addictions coach and therapist, you can.

Addiction Treatment is usually a 30-day inpatient stay, with no cell phone or laptop for 14 days.  Would you want to be cut off from the world so you can be shuffled from group to group to listen to a ‘counselor’ that is overworked and underpaid tell you how to live your life?

No. Neither would I.

The addiction treatment industry has a 90% fail rate for a reason. The counselors have too many clients, only 4 therapy sessions in a 30-day window (what are you really getting here?), no real family work unless you can count -family visit day where they bring you fast food and chat for an hour like jail.

Get the picture yet?

And then we release the addict back home to the SAME ENVIRONMENT and expect them to stay sober and produce results?

See the issue yet?

At The Addictions Coach, Dr. Cali Estes and her team will customize a program for YOU, about YOU, dealing with YOUR issues.  No groups, no other bullshit, real-time real help.

We understand addiction and how to get you where you want to be and fast. We also help the family as well. The addict is never alone and the family plays a vital role in the addiction process.

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