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Addiction Coaching: Your loved one is abusing drugs and alcohol? What is it like from their perspective?

Addiction Coaching: Your loved one is abusing drugs and alcohol? What is it like from their perspective? Read below and call us today for family coaching. 1.800.706.0318 www.theaddictionscoach.com


An Addict’s Wish List (#5 is So True!)


Loving an addict is exhausting. If you’ve ever had to watch as drugs physically and mentally destroy a loved one, then that statement hits home in a very visceral way…especially if you’ve never personally struggled with an addiction.

From an outsider’s perspective, addiction is a disease that literally makes no sense. As addicts, so many of the choices we make are destructive and our actions generally reek of selfishness.

This disease forces its victims to operate in a warped kind of survival mode that never seems to end. If you could trade places with an addicted loved one, you’d probably be swept away by the river of emotions you encountered.

To understand addict behavior is a step in the right direction, so it’s important to try to grasp – at least on some level – what your loved one is feeling.

Since mind readers only exist in the movies, a little help and insight can go a long way…especially when you’re trying to get inside the mind of an addict. While we all have unique thoughts, there’s a universal list of wishes and dreams that are unique to people struggling with addiction.

If you could take a peek inside the mind of a loved one and discover a list of the things we privately wish we could share or help you understand.

Here are the 11 wishes of an addict that they want you to know:

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