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Addiction is not a disease, Lance Dodes MD

Addiction is not an exact science.  We have the full assistance method, the taper down method, the I can drink but not use drugs of my choice method. And you know what? Not one shoe fits all feet. One method may work for you but not for someone else.

What is addiction?  It is about seeking a remedy for overwhelming feelings of helplessness. It is about he unknown and not knowing what to do in a situation so reaching for a numbing agent seems right. It is about digging a hole deeper and deeper till you can not recover emotionally, financially, or physically.

According to the DSM it is no longer a DIS-EASE and more a disorder, similar to Eating issues and disorders. It is no longer a genetic code by which we have to simply succumb and try and cope.  So now the process to treating it changes, the methods change, the markers change and things are about to get really interesting.

“Acknowledging that you are powerless over something is demoralizing “, Lance Dodes.




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