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Addiction Education: Debunking the Myth of Addiction Coaching



Addiction Education:  Debunking the Myth of Addiction Coaching. 

You have heard them called ‘paid babysitters’ and know that they charge up to $2500 a day. What is an Addictions Coach or Recovery Coach and how is it sweeping the nation?  Tips and tricks on coaching, and coaching versus therapy.

As an Addiction Education School we get calls all the time asking what Recovery Coaching is and what it is not and how to go about getting credentials in the discipline. We offer NAADAC CEUS’s for existing therapists and counselors and we can certify those without credentials in the profession. Our aim is to standardize the industry and allow the public to understand the full scope of a nationally credentialed Addictions Coach. So here are the main differences:


  1. Meet anyplace: park, beach, coffee shop
  2. Can work via skype or phone
  3. Does not take insurance (cash pay)
  4. Works odd hours and on retainer
  5. Can not complete treatment plans, discharge summary or prognosis
  6. Can hold you accountable for your actions, focus on the now
  7. Works as a team with you (think cheerleading section)
  8. Not bound by HIPPA, no duty to warn (YET)
  9. Will go to  NA or AA meeting with you or travel as needed.
  10. Usually responds via text, email, calls and sessions


  1. Meets at their office with a schedule and limited hours
  2. Usually face to face but can be by phone
  3. Takes insurance
  4. Works on an hourly basis, pay when you arrive or bills insurance at a later date
  5. Completes treatment plans, prognosis, diagnosis, DSM criteria
  6. Gives advice, not team oriented
  7. Bound by HIPPA and Duty to Warn
  8. Stationary and sees several clients throughout the week.
  9. Keeps correspondence mainly to session
  10. Focuses on the process of feelings and going back in time to address issues

If you would like to add additional cash pay clients with the hot new trend sweeping the nation, give us a call at The Addictions Academy 1.800.706.0318  or visit www.theAddictionsAcademy.com and register for an upcoming class. Use code SAV300 to take $300 OFF

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