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Addiction Education: The Addictions Academy combats the war on drugs with new e-learning platform and on-demand classes.

Addiction Education: The Addictions Academy combats the war on drugs with new e-learning platform and
on-demand classes. Live, webinar and now learn at your leisure. Gain credentials, Gain new cash pay clients and  learn from the comfort of your home. 1.800.706.0318

The Addictions Academy announced new Learning Platform to target war on Drugs

Online E-learning and on-demand classes sweep the nation to combat the war on drugs
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PRLogMarch 30, 2015MIAMIMiami, Florida March 30, 2015

The Addictions Academy announced that they are expanding learning platforms to train and educate more individuals to combat the war on drugs. With heroin and synthetic drugs on the rise it is imperative that there are more trained and qualified professionals to deal with the epidemic.

To handle the demand for education at your fingertips, The Addictions Academy has added an e-learning component that students can log in at any time from anyplace and access our educational manuals, materials, videos, and even exams to complete the courses and get trained and credentialed on their own time. On demand learning at its best. The Addictions Academy will still offer LIVE classes, webinar, and virtual learning platforms, they have just added an additional component to assist busy professionals in learning on their own time.

“We have been preparing for the past year to go with an online virtual component to satisfy the need for the busy professionals schedule,” Cali Estes, CEO said. “We wanted to be able to retain the quality of the educational experience at The Addictions Academy and reach more students at the same time. It took us a year to complete, but the finished product will enable students around the globe to access our platform, instructors and full curriculum. “

The Addictions Academy offers live on site, webinar and prerecorded classes to meet all behavioral health and mental health professionals’ needs. They specialize in drug and alcohol addiction coaching courses, ethics, case management, intervention training, family coaching, recovery coaching, gambling addiction coaching, food addiction coaching, anger management training, life coaching and more. They even have a business team that teaches marketing, branding, utilization review, call center training and AMA/APA reduction training for drug and alcohol treatment center staff.

The Academy specializes in addiction classes and workshops but also offers classes related to external topics to assist therapists, doctors, coaches and others in obtaining a higher level of education in a specific discipline. Fully accredited to offer certifications and college credits, they can also offer continuing education units through NAADAC and CAADAC. With over 20 classes, ceu’s and the ability to learn online from anyplace in the world, The Addictions Academy delivers.

Call today 1.800.706.0318 to schedule your seat. Seating is limited.


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