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Addiction Therapy and Sober Coaching

Addiction Therapy/Coaching

Trying to the find the perfect fit for a therapist should not be a daunting task. You need a therapist that can work around your schedule and meet your unique needs. You need a therapist that can get to the root cause of the addiction quickly. You need a therapist that is an out of the box thinker and does not simply use one style of ‘therapy’, because YOU are unique.  You need a professional forward thinker that understands you and can be 100% CONFIDENTIAL.

Cali Estes, The Premier Addictions Coach, will meet your needs in a therapy session because she understands the high profile client. She is a progressive forward thinker and Cali specializes in understanding addiction on many levels. In your sessions with Cali Estes you will gain an understanding of your behavior, the cause for it, and the proper steps to work towards correcting it. You will begin to regain control of your life and that ‘learned hopelessness’ factor will fade. You will learn to move past Fear Based Thinking and handle obstacles such as impulse control and the demand for instant gratification.

After a few sessions with Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach, you will begin to notice a change within yourself and the way you view your environment. Your lifestyle will begin to change and your stress will drop along with your addictive tendencies. You will be able to identify your patterns of addictive thinking and move forward towards positive change and produce personal growth.

Whether you are an athlete, musician, actor, attorney, doctor, or business executive, Cali can work within your parameters and assist you in reaching your true potential. If you are court ordered to treatment, or arrested for a DUI or possession of a controlled substance (narcotics) the publicly can be an ugly mess that you do not need. Cali can work with the court system on your behalf to lessen the blow and allow you to continue in your career.

Cali is a psychotherapist, life coach and fitness guru, and blends talk therapy, with forward and positive change to assist you in reaching your true potential and making the necessary lifestyle changes to excel in your personal and professional life. Cali has over 18 years of experience working with drug, alcohol, sex, gambling and food addictions. Her deep understanding of addictions and her unique background and blend of therapy mesh to assist the client in meeting their needs.

Cali offers individual hourly sessions in person, via Skype and Face Time. She offers a nontraditional approach that will get to the root cause of your behavior quickly and work with you to solve the issues.  Cali generally works with someone on a weekly basis, but more frequent appointments can be arranged, depending on the severity of the addiction and need for individualized service.


Some focus areas included:

*Drug and Alcohol Addiction

*Social Anxiety

*Past Trauma


*Stress Issues

*Sex Addiction

*Sober Coaching

*Gambling Addiction

*Life skills and Coping skills

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