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Addiction Treatment: One Size Does Not Fit All


one size We all need shoes, but do we all wear the same size? We all need nutrients for our bodies to function, but do we get them from the same sources? Some of us need glasses, but do we all wear the same kind and same strength? The answer is obviously no and, of course, these are just some examples of diversity in everyday needs. So why should we blanket all addicts with the same age old recipe for rehabilitation? The answer is we shouldn’t! What works for you might not work for me. There are more ways to get clean and sober than being locked away in a residential rehabilitation center. And one of those ways is a program called Sober on Demand.

Sober on Demand is the creation of Dr. Cali Estes and www.theaddictionscoach.com 1-800-706-0318. Sober on Demand is where The Addictions Coach sends a professionally certified sober coach to you to asses your needs and mold a program specific to you to give you the best chance to not only get clean and sober, but remain clean and sober. The days of putting your entire life on hold for months at a time while you separate yourself from your family and career by checking into a residential rehabilitation facility are over.

Sober on Demand has every level of professional certified coaching from intensive 24/7 live in coaching to phone session coaching. It all depends on your needs and your level of usage.  So call us today at the number listed above to be evaluated and matched with a certified sober coach today. Also, click on our website link above to.view our hundreds of testimonial videos of those who have used The Addictions Academy to change their lives forever!

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