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The Addictions Academy offers 5 ways to increase your client base in your private practice.

The Addictions Academy offers 5 ways to increase your client base in your private practice. www.TheAddictionsAcademy.com 1.800.706.0318
1. Market yourself with business cards, print materials. Take them everywhere you go and place them out. You never know who will find your card and call you. Everyone knows someone who could use your service. From Starbucks boards to the gym, to the grocery store, get your materials out.
2. Network. Get to know those that can be great referral sources for you. From fellow colleagues to yoga teachers, hairdressers, alternative health practitioners, everyone  that might come into contact with clients that need your particular services.  From the personal trainer at the gym to the local bar keep,  network, network, network. Build relationships that last.
3. Keep your audience engaged with a social media presence. Learn LinkedIn , Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter and post post post!  Keep your audience interested, engaged and watching what you are up to. They are more likely to hire you and refer you if you are constantly posting new information.
4. Get Accredited. Education is Paramount. Add new services, credentials and courses to your practice. Offer multiple services, and a mix of insurance and cash pay items. At The Addictions Academy we offer classes, certifications and even college accreditation from Intervention to Recovery Coaching to Life Coaching to International Master Addictions Coach. Add more services to decrease your need to constantly having to procure new clients.
5. Hire a mentor. That’s right, hire someone who is already where you want to BE. By doing this you, are learning the ropes and getting the encouragement to move forward.
WE have a great system and fantastic faculty at The Addictions Academy and we are standing by to assist you in creating your own successful company.
Cali Estes
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