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The Addictions Academy: Take Your Career to the Next Level! Become an International Master Addictions Coach.

The Addictions Academy: Take Your Career to the Next Level!  Become an International Master Addictions Coach.

The Recovery Coach Professional Model is becoming saturated. A lot of people have taken recovery coaching courses and are providing services for drug and alcohol clients. But, what to do when you have mastered the art of recovery coaching? You go to the next level: International Master Addictions Coach:  9 courses: Recovery Coach I and II, Family Coaching, Life Coaching, Food Addictions Coaching, Gambling Addiction Coaching, Relapse Prevention, Case Management and Ethics.
125 Units. 6 months plus 5 hours supervision.  Aren’t you ready for the NEXT level?
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International Master Addictions Coach Certification Program  (IMAC)

You desire to be the TOP of your profession. You want to add Addiction Coaching to your existing practice or you want a new career as an Addictions Coach. You want to  help people better their lives. You desire to be the best in your field and you want more cash pay clients. You want the BEST for your clients and yourself. The Addictions Academy offers you a full 6 month program with optional 6 month additional supervision ad on.  International Master Addictions Coach Certification. We offer 125 Education Hours and you have 6 full months to complete the program or you may go faster if you wish. Get the International Master Addictions Coaching Certification exclusively through The Addictions Academy. All of our classes will give you the tools you need to be in practice as a Master Addictions Coach or an Expert Addiction Coach. We also offer weekly supervision sessions over the course of 6 months so that you can discuss your cases and clients with a clinical supervisor and get real world advice and answers to your questions.  Supervision by a clinical supervisor and the best top trained coaches in the world. We are the only company offering a program for coaching in the addiction arena. We offer the following classes including weekly clinical supervision to discuss your clients and cases:

MODULE 1 : Nationally Certified Recovery Coach  (NCRC-1) Our Recovery Coaching Training Program will assist you with all of the skills necessary to learn how to become a top notch Recovery Coach with a National Recovery Coach Certification.  At The Addictions Coach and The Addictions Academy,  we offer a reputable program that is cost-effective and recognized in the industry. If you are a therapist you need to add this to your practice and if you are a sober companion or sober coach you need to get the proper training, legal information, ethical information and contracts to practice in this capacity as a Recovery Coach. We cover drug addiction and alcohol addiction and how to handle both. Our  Recovery Coach Training program  will teach you to prepare for difficult Recovery Coach clients and various situations. You will learn Coping Skills, Life Skills, Accessing Community Supports, Relapse Prevention, Goal Setting, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Defense Mechanisms, and various techniques that can assist with Post-Acute Withdrawal.  In our Recovery Coaching Certificate Program, Passive versus Active Listening skills will be taught, ethics (HIPAA), confidentiality issues, legal roles and regulations as a Recovery Coach will be addressed and roles within the family unit explored. You will leave with a basic business model and Recovery Coaching contracts that you can use in private practice and an understanding of how to adequately market and gain clientele in your new or expanded business as a Professional Recovery Coach. We explore every area of the Recovery Coaching industry so you get the best hands on training available!  With over 18 years in the Recovery Coaching industry, our Masters levels instructors at The Addictions Academy will prepare you to work as a Professional Recovery Coach in business for yourself or with a company. Recovery Coach Training.

MODULE 2: Nationally Certified Recovery Coaching II (NCRC-II) Once you complete Recovery Coaching Level I and want more out of your practice, our Recovery Coach Certification Level II is designed to deal with specific populations. A successful Sober Coach or Recovery Coach will need to know how to handle aggressive clients, out of control clients, clients in the Criminal Justice System and the upper elite/wealthy client.  In our Recovery Coaching II and Sober Coaching Course, all of these special topics will be covered along with handling unique and stressful family situations and how to present at functions in your recovery coach job. When to say no to a client and how to terminate the relationships will be addressed in our sober coach course.  Mental Health Issues and Personality Disorders will be discussed in our Recovery Coaching Course, with special attention on cutting and acting out behaviors. At The Addictions Academy, we will address Eating Disorders, food addictions, and Gambling this advanced recovery coach course class along with Addictive Relationships, Sex Addiction and even Couples Coaching.  How to accept new clients and tackle all the underlying issues that are not normally addressed in a traditional Recovery Coaching Course, we  will be discussing and presenting them in depth and detail so you can become a recovery coach with the best recovery coaching training on the market. You will leave with tons of information. Our Recovery Coach II training is helpful for the seasoned therapist or the person just beginning a career in sober coaching. Counselors, Social Workers, Addiction Professionals, substance abuse professionals, a life coach, and anyone seeking life coach training or life recovery coach training will benefit from the second course in Recovery Coaching that we offer.  We offer a recovery coach manual that covers all the details and special attentions we are paying to the needs of our clients. We include powerful business operation information for you that will assist you with recovery coach jobs or addiction treatment exploration. Nationally Certified Recovery Coach, you need the training.

MODULE 3:  Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach (NCFRC) Our program in Family Recovery Coaching is comprehensive and will teach you, the practitioner, to be able to coach the family during their difficult times.  As much as an addict needs a coach, so does the family and there are no programs available to teach you, the practitioner, how to deal with the family dynamics.   The families of the addicts are often confused themselves about addiction and where to turn with some of the issues that are going on within the family dynamic. As a Therapist or Recovery Coach, you are trained to handle the addict but often the family is left alone to deal with their issues without help.  They are confused and not sure what to do while their loved one is in treatment to maybe actively using. Often the family has been enabling the addict so long that when the addict goes into to treatment they feel lost and confused. Sometimes they even expect the addict to come home after 28 days or so ‘cured’ and ‘fixed’, but the family dynamic never changes.  We know that is not the case, but the family does not. Now, we can offer so much more, including a Certificate Program in Family Recovery Coaching. As a Family Recovery Coach, you will be able to assist the families of the addicts that so desperately need assistance. In our Family Recovery Coaching Program,  we will explore all the family roles using Claudia Black’s work and explore the dynamic the family plays in the addict’s life and their own lives. We will cover legal issues, contracts, assessments, body language and defense mechanisms. We will cover ways the family works as a unit, and ways to coach the families in becoming more cohesive as a family unit. In our Family Recovery Coaching Classes, you will learn how to look for underlying resentments and anger towards members of the family unit and how to prepare the family unit for the addict’s return.  As a Professional Family Recovery Coach you will learn how to deal with different personalities, educate the family on addiction, work alongside the other therapists and Recovery Coaches that are in the addict’s life and guide the family through the process. Ethics and HIPAA will be covered, Duty to Warn, Confidentiality and all forms and contracts that you would need to start a successful practice as a Family Recovery Coach will be provided. Pharmacology will also be addressed and qualifying the family will be explored. In our Family Recovery Coaching Certificate program, role play and real live scenarios will be used so that you are ready to tackle any issues or concerns as they arise.

MODULE 4: Nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach (NCFAC) In Food Addictions Coaching Training,  we will explain the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships with food, how to spot a hidden eating disorder, what the difference between dieting and lifestyle choices are and how to deal with all of them as they present in your client. We will cover types of eating disorders: bulimia, anorexic, orthorexica, laxative bulimia, exercise bulimia,  Personality Types of eating disorders, how to address the physical and emotional factors dealing with each variety. In our National Food Addictions Coaching Training Program, we will  discuss over eating, eating as punishment, addictions to sugar, caffeine, energy drinks and rotating diets.  We will explore the term ‘stuffing’ and how it applies to situations of emotional numbing, similar to drug and alcohol addictions. We will discuss mental health issues and drug and alcohol addiction as it relates to food addiction. We will discuss ways to uncover hiding food addictions and emotional eating issues and how to address them in the realm of addiction.  We will provide coaching forms, contracts and ways of handling food addiction and emotional eating verses eating disorders. We will provide various ways to teach your clients coping skills, since abstinence from food is not an option. We will address how to handle going to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting where there is no caffeine and no sugar versus going to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting where coffee and doughnuts are served.   We will discuss lifestyle changes and self-esteem. We will explore issues of ‘stuffing” and emotional turmoil and the issues of numbing with food versus drugs and alcohol. Please note this is not a restrictive eating class (we are not going to give diets and suggest eating no flour, sugar etc). We are going to address all issues and ways to use coping skills and mechanisms to reduce stuffing, over eating, under eating, dieting, restricting and using food as a tool to deal with stressors in life. Become a nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach.

MODULE 5 : Nationally Certified  Gambling Addiction Coaching (NCGAC) As a Gambling Addiction Coach, you will address both problem gambling and compulsive gambling with your clients. Similar to a drug or alcohol addiction, the gambling or gaming becomes a need and a compulsion to not only entertain but remove specific feelings  of stress, anger, discord, etc. As a Gambling Addiction Coach we address these feelings, needs and compulsions and provide new coping skills and ways of structuring their lives that are productive and meaningful. “Problem gambling” is any gambling behavior that disrupts your client’s life. If you find your client  obsessing over the next bet, the next scratch off or the next win, they need some assistance.  If they preoccupied with gambling, spending more and more time and money on it, chasing losses, or gambling despite serious consequences, they have a gambling problem. Gambling addiction, also known as compulsive gambling, is a type of impulse-control disorder. Compulsive gamblers are not able to control the impulse to gamble, and it becomes a source of stress relieve and release, similar to drug addiction or alcohol. Different types of gambling or gaming will be discussed: from casinos, to online, lotto, dice and street gambling, horse races and dog track, sports betting and more will be covered. It is important to understand what styles and types of gambling and gaming there are and we cover the terminology of all styles and types of gambling and how to curtail the behaviors and how to handle the compulsions despite the consequences of the problem behaviors. Gambling Addiction Coach Training.

MODULE 6: Life Coach Training (NCLC) Our Life Coach Training and Life Coach Certification  is available to the addictions field as well as people not in the addiction studies industry.  At The Addictions Academy we specialize in teaching coaching skills to all of our students. Life Coaching is at the forefront of the coaching industry and people are hiring life coaches over therapists for several issues and areas of their lives. At The Addictions Academy, our Life Coach Certification will assist you in helping clients make progress in all areas of their lives: relationships, health, career, life balance, spirituality, finances, business, school, etc. You will be valued by your clients and they will love to come and talk with you because you get results. You need a certification in life coaching. You will learn core competencies of coaching that are essential to any good coach.  You will learn active verses passive listening sills, how to coach someone and how to create ethical boundaries as a professional coach. When to end the relationship and how to keep your goals and personal life separate from your client.


In addition to the above 6 classes by webinar you will complete:

Case Management Training

Relapse Prevention Training

and Ethics Training By on demand webinar.  All courses have module written testing and case scenarios that must be solved to pass the courses.


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