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The Addictions Coach : When addiction is ignored, or everyone just “hopes the person will make it through,” this is what happens.

The Addictions Coach : When addiction is ignored, or everyone just “hopes the person will make it through,”this is what happens. Sad and heartbreaking. We can help. 1.800.706.0318

Sara Kessler, baby died: Baby starves to death after mom Kessler ODs and dies


Sara Kessler’s baby died alone of starvation in the living room after she had died of an overdosed and died in the bedroom. Sara Kessler and her dead 10-month old baby boy, Casey Kessler, were discovered on Friday morning in their apartment in in Millvale, Pennsylvania. Police do not suspect any foul play but assume at this point that the mother died of an overdose a few days earlier while her baby died of starvation. An autopsy is scheduled for Saturday.

As reported by CBS Pittsburgh on March 6, Kessler’s brother Matt Knaus found the 22-year-old mother and her 10-month-old baby when he went to check on his sister. He had not heard from her for several days. Last November, Kessler’s mom had died of natural causes in the same apartment leaving her daughter and her grandson on their own.

“Officials believe the mother may have died up to two weeks ago and the child died of starvation later.”

Reportedly, needles were found all over the apartment and authorities suspect that the 22-year-old mom died of an overdose in her bedroom. Kessler was known among neighbors and family members to be a drug addict and no one understands how it is possible that a baby was left alone for weeks with a dead mother.

Kessler lived in the only occupied apartment on the second floor which might be an explanation as to why no one heard the baby’s desperate cries. However, one woman who knew Kessler and her baby commented that someone did hear the baby cry — but did not take any action.

“The girl that lived downstairs of that apartment heard that baby crying for two days,” the woman said. “Now why she didn’t alert anybody, I don’t know. That baby never had a chance.”

According to Allegheny County assistant police superintendent Jim Morton, Kessler and her baby were living alone in the apartment and it looked like the 10-month-old tried to survive after his mother’s death. “The baby was found in the living room. It looked like he was trying to get around somehow by himself for who knows how long.”

After Sara Kessler’s baby died, one of her friends wrote on Facebook that Sara was a great friend and a great mother. “Sara was the greatest friend anyone could ask for. She put everyone before herself and her son before everyone. She would never allow anything bad to happen to Casey. She was an extremely strong woman who had challenges thrown her way left and right.”

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