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The Addictions Coach: Breastfeeding While Drinking Beer at the Bar

The Addictions Coach: Breastfeeding While Drinking Beer at the Bar

Bar owner cuts off mother and closes out her tab for drinking a beer while breastfeeding her baby …..in a bar. As a coach I have seen it all and heard it all. We have preventative classes for everything why not a class on how to get your baby to end up addicted to drugs and alcohol? Most people will look at this and simply call her a bad mother or an idiot. Maybe she needs a life coach?






MyFoxPhilly.com–CHESAPEAKE, VA- A Virginia mom brews up controversy, after breastfeeding at a bar while drinking a beer.

Mom Crystal McCullough was with her infant daughter at Big Woody’s bar Monday, celebrating closing on a new homeicon1.

She doesn’t deny drinking alcohol while feeding her baby, but says she only had a few sips of beer.

But other customers noticed, and employeesicon1 closed her drink tab.

McCullough says she’s upset over how employees handled the situation.

“I was so angry and so hurt and in disbelief,” she said, “I have nothing to hide. I don’t deny that I had alcohol and was breastfeeding, but it’s how I went about it and how I always go about it that makes the difference.”

“Our concern was for the child, really that’s what it is,” said bar employeeicon1 Craig Davis, “He kind of said the breastfeeding is kind of bothering a few customers. He didn’t want to say bad mom, didn’t want to judge anybody.”

The incident has earned McCullough supporticon1, and also some criticism.

Guidelines vary on how much mothers can drink while safely breastfeeding their children.

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