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The Addictions Coach: DUI Attorney Now Has His Own Court Date to Attend.


NJ attorney, Justin Christodoro walked into a stranger’s home, wearing only a t-shirt and high heels, thinking he was in a house that was expecting him. I’m guessing the bag of ecstasy that was found in his car helped him think his one-man party was going to be a blast.  This lawyer that specializes in DUI now finds himself with a court date of his own, on the other side of the law.

MDMA, also called ecstasy, or molly, is a synthetic, psychoactive drug, that acts as both a stimulant and a psychedelic. MDMA can create distortions of time and perception, acting on the neurons that produce serotonin, it can alter your mood, aggression, sexual activity and even sensitivity to pain.

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Read on for an excerpt from The New York Post article.

DUI lawyer is busted for drugs after barging into stranger’s home in high heels, no pants

By Joshua Rhett Miller

A New Jersey attorney nude from the waist down save for a pair of high heels strutted into a stranger’s Rutherford home and announced “I’m here,” police said.

Justin Christodoro, 39, of Hackensack, subsequently was arrested in neighboring Lyndhurst on Saturday after a resident returned home to find an unknown car with an unconscious man inside parked in his driveway, NorthJersey.com reports.

“It was occupied by a man sitting in the front passenger seat wearing only a black shirt and black high-heeled shoes,” Lyndhurst police Capt. John Valente told the website.

full story here:  http://nyp.st/2ALohkX

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