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The Addictions Coach expands to offer Platinum Executive Coaching Service

The Addictions Coach expands to offer Platinum Executive Coaching Service

Platinum Executive Sober Coaching and Recovery Coaching for busy professionals that do not want to go to rehab.
PRLogSep. 14, 2014New York, New York September 06, 2014The Addictions Coach announced that they are expanding their services to offer a Platinum Executive Level Addictions Coaching and Anger Management Service to busy Business Professionals.  The service is International in scope and incorporates areas of life coaching, addiction coaching, relationship coaching, and anger management. The Platinum Club has been designed to allow the business executive to increase their ROI and Revenue Stream and focus on the business while handling the areas of their lives that are holding them back.

The Addictions Coach is a full service firm for clients to access addiction therapy (drug, alcohol, gambling, sex, internet, etc.) and sober companions, sober coaches and sober escorts. The Platinum Club offers the highest level of service and the highest success rate in the industry.

“I wanted to create a division of The Addictions Coach that focuses exclusively on our Executive clientele, “Cali Estes, CEO said. “As a business executive myself I want the best service and care possible. I want first class, great service and a memorable experience. In this industry not a lot of therapist and coaches know about business on this level. The Platinum Club treats the client like they are used to being treated while still getting to the underlying issues and assisting them in achieving more goals.“

The Addictions Coach and its division The Platinum Club, offer not only addiction therapy and mobile drug and alcohol rehabilitation services but also Sober Coaches, Sober Companions and Life Coaches.  At The Addictions Coach they offer traditional one hour talk therapy sessions, 7 day intensive rehab ‘tune ups’, where they bring the idea of drug treatment direct to the client at the client’s home or location and most recently they are offering Sober Coaches and Sober Companions to stay with the client 24/7 and assist the client in remaining sober and learning new life skills.

Traditional rehab centers offer a 28 day stay followed by therapy, if the client will attend the sessions.  Business Executives do not have 28 days to go sit in groups and listen to therapists drone on and other clients complain about their lives. They cannot relate to that. The Platinum Club is specifically 1 on 1 and gets to the root cause of the issues quickly and begins working on the solution right away. Just like in business you want measurable results. Our Platinum Club will give you measurable results and freedom to create more time and focus on the things you enjoy the most in life

“I hired Cali Estes and her team at The Platinum Club because I have all the money and toys I want,” Jeff S., said. “I am extremely successful in business and found myself using more and more cocaine to relax. The day I found myself alone in a hotel room with enough coke and women to have a party for 20 people, I realized I was out of control. Something in my life was clearly missing and I was filling it with the escorts and cocaine. I needed help. I wanted out. Cali Estes showed me the way.”

Cali’s multidimensional approach focuses on the underlying cause of the addiction and she approaches each client in an original manner. Unlike traditional rehabilitation centers that convince the addict that they have a disease that is incurable and they must attend meetings, recite prayers and follow steps, Cali tailors her program to fit the client. By realizing that each client is unique and their pattern of addiction is unique with a root cause, Cali is able to address the addiction at the core and assist the addict in making the necessary changes and positive steps in their life.

“I started drinking with my clients, Thomas G., said.” I am a yacht dealer. When I am closing a multimillion deal in Miami I have the boats stocked with wait staff and anything my client might want.  I take them out on the boat for a few hours and I always end up having a lot more then I know I should. This lead to drinking before I went out and my closing ratio starting slipping. I started missing appointments. I needed to get my drinking under control or I was going to lose my life. I called Cali Estes at The Addictions Coach and she showed me how to balance my life and keep my company.”

At The Addictions Coach, they have sober coaches and sober companions from all over the nation that are skilled in assisting clients in learning how to have happy, productive lifestyles free from alcohol and drugs. Both male and female sober coaches and companions are available and most have suffered some form of addiction. All of the sober coaches and sober companions at The Addictions Coach utilize fitness and nutrition as a way to combat stressors and assist the client in remaining sober.

The Addictions Coach is based out of Miami Florida but services clients in all of South Florida, New York City and Los Angeles.

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