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The Addictions Coach: NFL and Rape – Dallas Cowboys C.J. Spillman Accused

The Addictions Coach: NFL and Rape:


C. J. Spillman

In the news again: the NFL. More drama in the Dallas Cowboys arena with C.J. Spillman being accused of raping a woman at the hotel that the team uses. This goes back to my original statement, how can we expect these guys who are taught to be aggressive at their job, win and get what they want, to –well do the ‘right thing’.  My answer is, you can’t. They need to be educated and taught and have a handler that monitors their behavior and teaches them something, not just sanctions and arrests and pulled contracts.  www.theaddictionscoach.com 1.800.706.0318


More legal trouble for C.J. Spillman?


C.J. Spillman made headlines for all the wrong reasons when a letter written to the NFL on September 26th alleged that he had sexually assaulted the author of that very same letter.

The woman in questions alleges that Spillman raped her at the Cowboy’s team hotel in Grapevine,Texas on September 20th. While police offers have not confirmed Spillman is involved, they did confirm they are currently investigating a sexual assault that occured at  Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center on September 20th. The Daily News reported Spillman is the subject of that investigation, and quite frankly it seems unlikely that the two are just a coincidence.

However things went from bad to worse for Spillman when a second woman came forward yesterday claiming that Spillman sexually assaulted her when he was a member of the San Fransico 49ers. The woman, who was giving Spillman a sports massage at the time, claims Spillman repeatedly tried to force himself on her causing her to eventually flee the room and file a police report.

Gloria Allred who is representing both women is scheduled to meet with Roger Goodell’s sex-crimes adviser today and had this to say: “I will bring both allegations to their attention at the meeting tomorrow because they are serious allegations of sex assault filed with the police,” Allred said in an email to the Daily News. “I will also have many questions for the NFL regarding their personal conduct policy. Are they enforcing it or will they need a video of a sex assault to believe that it happened in any case?”

One thing is for sure this is horrible news for Spillman, with the NFL cracking down on off the field issues after the Ray rice incident, he is likely to feel the full brunt of the NFL’s justice.

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