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The Addictions Coach: Professionals to the Rescue



Professionals to the Rescue

-Dr. Cali Estes, Founder of the Addictions Coach

When parents find out that their teenager or adult child has an addiction problem, they experience feelings of fear, anger, frustration, panic, and pain that only parents know.  They search for answers to help their child, to save their child from an addict’s life and death. Parents look for answers and solutions every place that they can; the internet is a common place.  The problem is that there is lots of misinformation about addiction and recovery on the internet.

Parents Need Professionals

Parents need a professional that they can trust who has real answers and solutions. A professional interventionist can help the family to get real answers to help their child get the proper level of treatment that they need if the child is fighting getting help.  If the child is willing to get help, a professional recovery coach can assist the family to develop the required coping skills to help their loved one navigate the long road to recovery.

Professional recovery coaches and interventionists are highly trained and skilled individuals who have gone through a rigorous certification program.  They have core competencies, tools and skills, and the knowledge to help educate parents on how to help their loved ones. Once parents realize that they are in the hands of professionals, they start to trust and relax.

“The thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children.” – Edward VIII

Education, awareness, and prevention are the keys to success in the fight against addiction. Interventionists will meet with the family at the pre-intervention to educate the family on what they need to do to prepare for a successful intervention with their loved one the next day.  The interventionist will instruct the family on how to construct the “love letters” for their family member suffering from addiction, and what to do and what not to do the day of the intervention.  The interventionist will carefully evaluate the family unit to see if there are enablers, other substance abusers, other co-dependents, and other situations within the family unit. The interventionist will control the tempo and mood of the intervention, keeping the enabler away from the substance abuser.

The recovery coach will either work with the substance abuser in the family, or collaborate with the family to help educate, help them to achieve goals, develop action plans, work on awareness, activities that will assist, help the clients to change perspectives, and celebrate the victories along the way.  Recovery coaches can be key to long-term aftercare and long-term recovery’s success.

The family can hire both a family recovery coach and a recovery coach to work with the addicted family member.  Families have had great success working with interventionists and recovery coaches.  Research and statistics have shown that these professionals have a positive influence on long-term recovery.

One of the biggest problems that parents have in dealing with addiction is enabling.  The family must learn to support recovery without enabling addictive behaviors and actions. Sometimes, because the family has been living so close to the problem for such a long time, that they can’t see the forest through the trees.  The professionals can help guide the family and show them the honest truth and how to handle the situation successfully.

There are also case workers that will work with the family and the substance abuser after treatment. They can aid in managing appointments and networking to help with the recovery process.  They will have a network of professionals that they can tap into to help succeed.

The parents need to have realistic expectations of what will happen post treatment with their loved one and an understanding of the entire process.  These professionals will help the family to understand the big picture and to have “right-sized” expectations as their loved one moves through the process.

The good news is that no one has to die from the disease of addiction and that there are excellent highly trained professionals available to help families to help their loved ones to navigate the process of recovery.  Fewer mistakes mean that there is less of a chance for the disease to take a family member’s life.  If you’re a parent who needs help because of addiction, please make the call for help today!

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