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The Addictions Coach: Sex Addiction Rears its Ugly Head During Super Bowl week.

sex addiction

With the Super Bowl only hours behind us, the “hush-hush” addiction is rearing its ugly head. This year’s Super Bowl is in Minneapolis and it’s fitting that we are discussing sex addiction in this blog, because Minneapolis is one of the sex trafficking capitals of the United States.

Local police in Minneapolis have warned those interested in paying for sex that they will be out in force to try to stop the effects of human sex trafficking and that jail sentences will be stiff. (no pun intended) Local police issued stern warnings for the pimps and those on the “working” end of prostitution. Local law officials are warning that you will go to prison if you are convicted of any human trafficking charge. Law enforcement officials are teaming up with non-profit organizations as well by running ads during the game.

Now as everyone anticipated the funny commercials, a very dark side of the Super Bowl is coming to light. We always knew that their would be the occasional “knucklehead” player who would get busted for prostitution during Super Bowl week. But after a lot of research officials have learned since 2013 that Super Bowl week is the highest week of the year for sex trafficking.

Although officials admit that sex trafficking is a year round problem, they admit that cities hosting Super Bowls see sex ads increase dramatically. This is a combination of home-grown sex traffickers and those from other cities, states and even other countries who come to the host city to capitalize on the big game and its predominantly male fan population and their appetite for sex.

Another intriguing factor for sex traffickers is the pure volume of cash that comes with the Super Bowl. The so-called  “upper echelon” of society comes to this once a year event and they bring their bank accounts with them. Also, there are so many ex players who attend the game and they have made millions during their careers and some are willing to spend a fortune for the right girl. But buyers beware!! Are you willing to lose your freedom over a few minutes of pleasure? Are you willing to lose your career? Maybe you are willing to lose your marriage over a total stranger? It’s not worth it.  Stop and think of how this could affect you and those you love, not to mention the person who might have been forced against their will to be your “date”. If you are struggling with a sex addiction or any addiction, contact us here at www.theaddictionscoach.com or by calling 1-800-706-0318.

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