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Addictions Education: Choosing The Right Coaching School


The Addictions Academy was the second school in the nation to offer Recovery Coaching. We started 3 years ago and have grown to a full platform of over 20 courses with accreditation and the ability to offer continuing education units on a National Level. Since then, schools and ‘academy’s’ have cropped up all over the country attempting to imitate us, and offer the same products and classes that we do, yet they fall short. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a quality school and a quality education so that you do not get burned.

How to know that the school you are using has the ability to offer you a great education, continuing education units AND teach you how to get clients.

Look at the staff roster. You want an educated staff that knows their disciplines well. Just because you see a licensed therapist teaching a class in family coaching does not mean they have experience in that specific discipline. Google their name, look for their private practice. Are they in fact a family coach or just a therapist in mental health? If they are not actually selling the service they are educating you in, how are they an authority on the subject? Answer: they aren’t.Look at the accomplishments of the staff on the roster. Google their websites. Are these people successful in what they are teaching? If you have someone teaching you a recovery coaching class that has no company or business offering coaching, BUYER BEWARE. This person probably does not know what they are teaching. For example, it is great that someone hosts a Reality TV show but if this person does not own and operate a coaching company how can you possibly learn anything from someone that has not actually created a successful business?

Google the owner. Yes, the owner. Learn about whom created the company and why. If the owner has no experience in the addiction industry or has fabricated their credentials (yes there is a LOT of this going on) again BUYER BEWARE. If the owner hides their profile or does not post whom they are on the website, you should be cautious as it is probably someone looking to make a quick buck off of you. Why else would a founder of a successful school not post whom they are? Something to hide, usually.

Go to the TESTIMONIAL page. How many testimonials does the company have and how far back? Call the references and ASK THEM IF THEY ARE HAPPY AND MAKING MONEY. Are they successful? Did the company assist them in getting clients and if so, how?

What business platforms does the company offer and how do you get clients? You can spend a ton on education but you MUST recoup that.  Can the company teach you business skills and marketing and branding to do so? AND is that person in the addiction industry and well connected?

It all comes down to your credentials. Know whom is teaching you. ALL of our doctors and master level educators have successful thriving practices in their disciplines and have been teaching for decades. We have helped thousands of professionals get ahead.

The Addictions Academy is proud to have a partnership with George Anderson of Anderson and Anderson, Dr. Douglas Weiss, The Gottman Institute and more. See our website for more information www.theaddictionsacademy.com or call 1.800.706.0318

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