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Adventures of the Traveling Sober Coach Part I


th?id=HN.608054355814776846&w=126&h=174&c=7&rs=1&pid=1       Adventures of the Traveling Sober Coach Part I

I grab my hot tea from the lovely hotel, put my hoodie up and venture into the cold air of Denver to meet my client.  The walk over to where he is staying isn’t far, but it is cold and rainy and I forgot my umbrella.  I make a mental note ‘next time in Denver pack winter gear and don’t believe the weather forecast’ and trudge across the parking lot.  All of 10 minutes later I am at his place and his personal assistant greets me at the door with a dry towel and takes my wet jacket and shoes.  I sit in the foyer waiting for “Joe” my client while he is upstairs getting ready for today. I can hear some arguing upstairs and I listen more closely.  He is reciting his lines in the mirror for his new adventure film shoot today, sounds like quite the explosive scene.  Before I know it, Maria the house maid has brought me a tray of fresh tea and I choose a nice strong caffeinated one and sit back in the fluffy chair and wait for Joe.

In true celebrity fashion, he comes bounding down the steps shaking his paper and screaming.  I stand up and raise my hand.  He quiets down, motions to the den and starts talking rapidly. ” I am glad your here. NOOOOOO one understand this stress of this shoot.  I am supposed to be in Aspen at some ski lodge and my stunt double is out sick and now they want me to do some of the stunts.  Do you see the face? Do you?  I am way too good looking to do some stupid stunts!!!! What is wrong with these idiots?”

I raise my hand again and ask if I can have a word.  He motions yes while lighting  up a cigarette.  Not the cheap store bought ones, but imports from Spain or Morocco or someplace, I forget.
“Joe you seem angry today, and frustrated what is going on?”
“Well, for starters my wife is a pain in the ass.  I told her to book the nanny and take care of things at home while I was gone. She, as usual fucked it all up.  Now I have to handle all of it from here and it is a pain in the ass.  Add on top of that my stupid agent booked me at this stupid ass hotel and I cant get the service I need.  I hate this film, it sucks and I am not the leading role, I am of all things, a supporting role!!  Can you believe that shit? Me!!!  Can you possibly wrap your head around that? That arrogant son of….   “

I cut him off. “Ok so lets start with one thing at a time.  Clearly you are frustrated, angry and I am sure you have a right to be.  When did you get high last?” I ask.

“What the fuck does that have to do with me being angry?” Joe said.

“Well, for starters you are in a mood and having a small tantrum.  Have you used in the past 48 hrs?” I ask.  Joe’s drug of choice is cocaine and sometimes strippers, mostly prostitutes or escorts though.

“I haven’t gotten high but I want to” Joe said.

“Perfect, ” I said. Lets start there.


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