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Alcoholics Paid In Beer To Clean Up City Streets- What Are Your Thoughts?

The streets of Amsterdam are being cleaned up by alcoholics that were causing trouble in the local park.   The Rainbow Foundation has decided to put these addicts to work, and pay them in beer.  The government is funding their workday with two beers when they begin work at 9 am, two beers with a hot lunch, and an additional beer along with 10 euros when they finish the day at 3:30 pm.  The Foundation stands behind this undertaking, stating that these people are being given structure and keeping them busy, which means they will ultimately drink less.  This is quite unconventional, but will it really help with their addiction, or is the government just exploiting their addiction to get the city clean?

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One Response

  1. 🙂 Welcome to Amsterdam. This might be a step in the right direction for those alcoholics who show up for work and complete the work day. I’m sure that the citizens of Amsterdam feel safer walking through the parks if the “trouble makers” are busy cleaning up. Will they show up for work the next day? Will this, alone, curtail their drinking for longer periods? I hope the city and Rainbow Foundation has some other ideas for how to help them with their addiction, other than having them clean up for beer and give them enough money at the end of the day to go tie one on, since the black market and bootleg alcohol industry is big there. hmmm. . .would like to see the statistics on that operation. Doubtful, from a recovery standpoint, but the city may have their own motives and reasons for keeping them busy, of course.