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Another ‘star’ DEAD of overdose!

Kovar. (WireImage)Another “Celebrity Rehab” graduate has died of apparent substance abuse. On Friday, the body of “Real World: Hollywood” cast member Joey Kovar was found at a friend’s home just outside Chicago. According to TMZ, a female friend discovered the 29-year-old’s body, which had blood coming out of his ears and nose. Friends and family also tell the site that they believe drugs are to blame.

His stint on the “Real World” was brief, but memorable. Halfway through the 2008 season, he entered rehab following scary outbursts directed at his cast mates. “I’m sorry, you guys,” a sobbing Kovar told them when he announced he would be leaving the show. “This is so hard, this is so embarrassing. I’m sorry, you guys, I don’t mean to act like this … I don’t mean to be a bad person.” As his understanding roomies hugged him, he told them about a moment the previous year when he had done so much cocaine and drank so much alcohol, that he thought he was “ready to die.” But then four months before he joined the MTV show, he insisted he had quit it all. Sadly, once he moved to Hollywood, “Boom, here comes the monster again,” he said through tears.

A look at Kovar’s Twitter feed shows a guy who was hopeful about his future. On Wednesday, the last day he was alive, he sent out a string of positive tweets. The final one: “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

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