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Anxiety and Addiction

If you find yourself having a spell of anxiety attack, what do you do? How do you handle it? Do you reach for a xanax? A roxy?  Do you find yourself drowning in a bottle of alcohol?  How do you handle the stress and anxiety of the situation?

What happens after you sober back up? Are the same problems still there? Now what?  More drugs? More alcohol? The problems are not going away and resolving themselves.

So what do you do and how  do you handle the stress and anxiety over the life event?

Suggestion of the day:

1. Stop and analyze the magnitude of the situation. Is it as crazy or negative as you think it is?

2. Can you resolve it TODAY? Or is it something that you can put off to deal with tomorrow?

3. Can you calling the calvary to deal with it? Can you ask for help? Pick up the phone and ask..

4. Wait 24 hrs and re-evaluate the situation. Is it REALLY that bad? Scale it on a 1-10

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