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Anxiety Is A Contributing Factor To Addiction In Pro Athletes. Dr. Cali Estes Discusses on ESPN Philadelphia

Anxiety Is A Contributing Factor To Addiction In Pro Athletes. Dr. Cali Estes Discusses on ESPN Philadelphia



It is well known that Dr. Cali Estes, founder and creator of The Addictions Academy and The Addictions Coach  1-800-706-0318, has worked with pro athletes in all of the major pro sports. There are many different reasons and factors that play into why these pro athletes become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

They seem to have it all. They have fame, money and a great career but some seem to throw it all away.

One of the biggest reasons that seems to throw these pro athletes into the cycle of addiction is anxiety. They deal with the anxiety to perform at a high level at all times. They deal with financial anxiety after usually taking on way more than they are prepared to take on after getting their first contracts. Dr. Estes has zeroed in on these anxieties and so has ESPN Radio 610 out of Philadelphia.

ESPN invited Dr. Estes on their show last month to discuss these contributing factors to pro athlete’s addiction caused by anxiety. This interview was huge for Dr. Estes as she returned back to her home area of Philadelphia for the first time professionally.

Stress, anxiety and depression are the “Big 3” contributing factors in addiction so you will enjoy the following interview between Dr. Estes and ESPN RADIO PHILADELPHIA as they lay out the path these young pro athletes take as they try to deal with anxiety and their careers. Keep in mind that Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach have the best certified sober coaches. certified top interventionists and certified life coaches in the addictions industry to help work with these pro athletes to get their careers back on track or even save their careers if they have gotten to that point.

Call us today if you are a pro athlete struggling with anxiety or if you know of one who needs the help. Please watch the following interview between Dr. Cali Estes and ESPN RADIO 610 PHILADELPHIA.  Performance Anxiety – 610 ESPN

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