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Are all addicts the same?

Drug treatment centers treat addicts all the same. Same groups, same beliefs..but the question is are all addicts REALY the same?  Is it appropriate for a 45 year old female alcoholic to be treated the same as a 20 yr old male pill popper?  Think about that for a small second..if we liken addiction to a disease would it not be different diseases?  And how can we account for the fact that some addicts quit while others die from their intake? Most treatment centers dump all addicts in the same groups, same sessions, and when they fail tell them it didn’t work ‘because you didn’t work the program”.  Why do we follow such an antiquated  philosophy that one size fits all?

What about an individualized approach that targets the client’s specific needs and goals?

At the Addictions Coach,  we tailor each session to fit the individual needs of each client. We believe that each person is as unique as their addiction and one size really DOES NOT fit all.

So how do we do it?  Call us and see!



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