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Are Parents to Blame for Failure to Launch Syndrome in Adult Children?


ParentsWhat Causes Failure to Launch? The answer is multifaceted and dependent on the individual client’s personal situation. Examples include but are not limited to: lack of coping skills and mechanisms, overly protective parents that tend to fix their child’s mistakes, influence from friends/peers, lack of resources and more. Dr. Cali Estes gets to the root cause of the issues, and solves the core problems, to create a new life for the Failure-to-Launch client.

Read on for an excerpt from a Huffington Post article to see if you are contributing to the issue, then learn more at http://www.caliestes.com/failure-to-launch/ or call Dr Cali Estes and her team at 1.800.706.0318

Failure to Launch: Are You Hindering Your Child’s Development?


A family epidemic is sweeping our nation: failure to launch syndrome. This development — or lack thereof — is characterized by the inability of young adults to achieve independence. I’ve spent 17 years guiding families through stressful, challenging and troubled waters, and it’s clear to me why some families are headed for disaster.

It begins when parents miss the warning signs in their child’s behaviors. Those indicators are like small icebergs: If they go unheeded for too long, it’s only a matter of time before the captain goes down with the ship.

Too many kids today are on, as we call it, “developmental vacation,” and it’s difficult for parents to accept their own part in this problem. Refusing to see the situation for what it truly is causes so much heartache and anxiety, and yet it keeps happening.

Spotting the Signs

Failure to launch can be set in motion at an early age. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a parent’s choice of words. For instance, a parent will use one set of phrases for other people’s children, but use a more rational set for their own.

Somebody else’s son might be manipulative, while her boy is crafty. The neighbor’s daughter is rude, but his is just misunderstood. My daughter isn’t lazy; she’s just apprehensive. My son isn’t entitled; he’s unique.

Parents weaken children by excusing their mishaps and misbehaviors. If we believe our behaviors dictate our circumstances, we must also accept that we control our circumstances. When parents intervene and minimize a child’s actions through words or actions, they inevitably take away the child’s power to act.




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