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Ask the Expert: Sober Coach Secrets Revealed

Ask the Expert: Sober Coach Secrets Revealed

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Question:  What is one trick you use as a Sober Coach, Addictions Coach or Addictions Therapist to help clients see outside the box and get motivated?

Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach Answers:  “I ask them to make a Bucket List, 25 things to do before they die. I find that the more money my client has, the more fun the actual bucket list is. The only requirement is that it HAS to be attainable for them in this lifetime and on their budget. So a trip to the moon for someone who cant pay their rent is not an option. Then we go through one by one and pick out the top 10 and start the process to obtain those. I have seen simple answers like ‘have a picnic’ to ‘go see my mother that I have not spoken to in 10 years,’ to ‘take my wife on a trip to Paris’.

Clients love this because it is fun, something that they have not had in years. It is creative and sparks a different section of their brain that has been dormant. It is proactive and also gives them something to look forward to. Being stuck in the same day to day activities can be boring. But as an Addictions Coach, or Addictions Therapist it is my duty to get them to think outside the box.

Try it, create a Bucket List and start to tackle it!

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