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ASK THE EXPERT: The Addictions Coach Answers your questions

ASK THE EXPERT: The Addictions Coach Answers your questions
Question: “How do I handle being with an addict? I just can’t deal with her behavior anymore.” Jim H, California
Cali Estes Answers: “Being married or in a relationship with an addict is a tough position to be in. You love them but at the same time you are tired of the crazy behaviors, the lying, the hiding, the money missing etc. So what can you do? Try these steps:
1. Seek counseling or coaching for yourself. You will need someone to talk with and you need someone who understands addiction.
2. Cut them off financially if possible. If your loved one has less money to spend on their addiction it will impact their behavior and force them to deter their drug use.
3. Seek help for them if they are ready.  Drug and alcohol treatment assistance is available 24/7 at your disposal.
4. Set boundaries and consequences and follow through with them.
5. Do not make accusations that you can not follow through. For example, do not threaten divorce if you are not going to file.
6. Call us if you need help. We offer a family coaching program to assist the families of the addicts. 1.800.706.0318
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