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3 keys to avoid a relapse during the holiday season

3 Keys to avoid a relapse during the holiday season 

No matter what year we are in, what state the economy is in, who is President or any other factor you can think of, the holiday season is the worst time of year for relapse when it comes to drugs and alcohol. There are many reasons why the holiday season is always right for a catastrophic relapse, but today we are going to look at the big three. Loneliness, celebratory mood and financial stress are the top three reasons why we addicts relapse during the holiday season. So let’s dig in and analyze these three reasons for relapse as we begin to enter the holidays.

1. Loneliness- let’s face it, the reality of the holiday season is built on being around loved ones to celebrate the holiday season. We are brought up from a very early age to associate Christmas and the holiday season with family and friends. Whether it is staying home to host holiday parties and get togethers or traveling cross country to spend Christmas with your favorite grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins the holiday season is built on “togetherness” with loved ones. But unfortunately this isn’t true for everyone. Not everyone has extended family to spend the holiday season with. Or perhaps the damage that we have gone during our addiction has put a wedge between us and family. The sad reality is is that some people, addicts specifically, spend the holidays alone. And no matter how much clean time a recovering drug addict might have, spending the holidays alone can be excruciatingly painful. And this pain that loneliness brings us can cause us to look towards drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. If you are one of those recovering addicts that may be facing a holiday season alone I ask you to think outside the box this holiday season. Seek out recovery related holiday gatherings in your area. Get with your sponsor or sober coach to find out what type of recovery related functions are happening in your area this holiday season.
2. Celebratory Mood– this is the most sneaky of the top three reasons for relapse during the holiday season. No matter how strong we feel that we may be in our recovery, being around other people, especially loved ones, that are drinking during the holiday season can have an adverse effect on our recovery. We might not even be conscious of the fact that we are leading ourselves down a dark path towards relapse. So many relapses start with a holiday gathering where others are partaking in drinking or drugging and before we know it we are right there with them setting off a potentially deadly relapse. Seek out holiday gatherings that are drug and alcohol free to avoid this trap. Communicate with your family members before you attend their holiday gatherings and let them know how important your sobriety is and that you must steer clear of drugs and alcohol. And pick your holiday gatherings carefully. Your sobriety life depends on it.
3. Financial Stress– This last reason for holiday relapse is a self imposed reason. Season after season we put ourselves in financial stress by overextending ourselves during the holiday season. I’m sure if you haven’t done this yourself you have definitely seen the family member or friend that over spends during the holidays and spends the first quarter of the next year digging themselves out of financial ruin. Remember people, don’t overspend this holiday season. Do what you can afford and don’t try to over extend yourself financially. The best gift that you can give your loved ones is your sobriety. Think about how your loved ones will feel if they know that you relapsed because of financial stress. No gift in the world is worth your sobriety!

So there you go. We have looked into the 3 Keys to avoid a relapse during the holiday season  that cause  recovering addicts to relapse during the holidays. Don’t be one of the many that go down this path. We here at The Addictions Coach specialize in keeping addicts clean and sober, especially during the holiday season. We have the industries top sober coaches and life coaches to walk with you step-by-step during this trying season. Our professional coaches come to you and help integrate a recovery based program that is created for you and only you. The Addictions Coach Does not adhere to the traditional “one size fits all” mentality that traditional drug and alcohol treatment programs follow. Our life coaches create a recovery-based program by finding out your strengths, weaknesses and passions. You can find out information on all our recovery-based programs by heading over to our website at http://www.theaddictionscoach.com or by calling 1-800-706-0318. Call us today and have a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday and sober season!

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