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Beyond the Meetings Part 2: 5 Ways to Stay Sober on an Unconventional Level


Beyond the Meetings Part 2:  5 Ways to Stay Sober on an Unconventional Level

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At The Addictions Coach, my clients want more than meetings, they want a sustainable life. They want to know ‘what’s next’ and ‘how do I get there’ , surely there is more to life than just being sober and ‘bored’, they say.  So here are 5 ways to stay sober on an unconventional level: learning how to use your body’s own feel good chemicals is a not new, but most people in recovery or those getting and trying to stay sober, generally are not educated on how to utilize these powerful chemicals. Read more below on how to flood your brain naturally.

  1. Have sex: No really, have sex. It boosts the serotonin in your brain and releases feel good chemicals that you need to well, feel good. A lot of people will tell you ‘no relationships for a year’ but the problem with this statement is that the human connection is a very strong bond and humans need to connect on a basic level. If you have no human connection, you are more likely to seek outside chemicals for pleasure.
  2. Workout: A good workout, Yoga Session, walk or other physical activity will boost your serotonin and release those wonderful feel good chemicals in the brain. I tell all my clients to do 20 squats or 20 push-ups when you want to get high or indulge in your food addiction, because those chemicals will flood the brain and you will be less likely to use an outside source.
  3. Take vitamins, amino acids and nutraceuticals: The body of an addict is usually filled with toxins from the drug or alcohol use and of course the malnutrition during the active addiction. Use milk thistle to remove the toxins, take EFA oils 3,6,9 and a full amino acid like a product called Synaptamine for repair of the body’s natural reward receptors. You will feel better physically and chemically and when the body feels good, the mind feels good.
  4. Utilize friends wisely: Friends can bring you up or bring you down. If your inner circle is unhappy, judgmental or snarky, your mood will be affected and you will find yourself feeding into the negativity. Not everyone in recovery is happy, not everyone in recovery has your best interest in mind. Keep those people on the back burner of friendships, and focus on moving forward.
  5. Journal or blog everyday: putting your fears, judgements, thoughts and feelings down on paper will allow your mind to release all of the energies that hold you stuck. Allowing yourself to see what thoughts travel through your mind and process them in a systematic manner will assist you in organizing your life, and moving forward.

If you know anyone that wants to know ‘what’s next’ or how to stay sober with some new and exciting tools, call us at 1.800.706.0318 www.TheAddictionsCoach.com

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