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YOUR BRAIN ON SUGAR: Similar to Cocaine

 This is Your Brain on Sugar: Similar to Cocaine

 Sugar and Your Brain.  According to hard science, the damage to the brain with cocaine is the same as with sugar.  A lot of people like to refute this because they can not fathom the fact that a legal substance that is injected into almost everything is damaging.  For years I have been teaching my clients this, and we clear from sugar as one of the very first steps to getting well.  Most therapists overlook the food and exercise aspects of Recovery and getting the client to the highest possible functioning level.  At The Addictions Coach, we start here.  We eliminate sugar and clients feel better almost instantly, post-detox. Having detoxed from sugar myself over 15 years ago I can attest that it is not fun. The withdrawal symptoms are real. The ability to think clearer and feel better is worth it.  You can reach us at 1.800.706.0318

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