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Bullying In The Addiction and Recovery Industry


When we think of bullying, we think of young school kids picking on innocent classmates to the point where the innocent child can no longer function regularly. Or we think of the playground bully who runs the playground through violence, while collecting weaker children’s lunch money.

The last place we would ever think that bullying and bullies exist would be in the recovery community, right? Well guess what? You would be dead wrong. Bullying is at an all time HIGH in the addictions industry and recovery community and we need to take a stand and weed these psychopathic bullies out and rid them from our recovery community where recovering addicts and those in the industry helping them should feel safe during the recovery process. 

We here at The AddictionsAcademy and TheAddictions Coach have witnessed this bullying firsthand and are committed to stopping it. We are seeing vigilante moms who feel their kids have been “wronged” while seeking drug treatment and feel they must take out the entire recovery industry. We are seeing competitors in the addictions industry illegally slandering each other to gain a financial edge over their counterparts to the point where good honest companies are suffering greatly and leaving addicts who are seeking help more confused about who is actually best for them and their recovery.

This madness has to stop! There is no place for bullying in the addictions industry and recovery community. Potential bullies need to think about what they are doing. They need to keep in mind that a lot of their actions are illegal and they could even be arrested from bullying. And those of us that are being bullied need to stand together and stand up strong to these bullies.There are many legal avenues that can be taken to stop this madness. If you are being bullied in the addictions industry and recovery community call us today at 1-800-706-0318.

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